I Can’t Enjoy Movies Anymore

Reduced Enjoyment is a Key Sign of Depression

There was a time in the past where you could watch hundreds of movies and still want more. You built a real connection with them at the time and now…

Every movie feels so bland.

The movie itself might be really good but you cannot bring yourself to enjoy the actual movie. What is wrong?

Reduced Serotonin Release from Normal Activities

Serotonin deficiency is something that occurs in depressed folks, when this hormone is lacking, everyday activities no longer bring us the level of joy they used to, so that might be your problem.

Also, there is dopamine, a hormone that is associated with motivation. Engaging in super stimulating activities like playing video games all the time wrecks our dopamine receptors, causing us to not want to do anything besides the super stimuli itself.

Maybe is Time for a Switch

There is a chance that adult life just came up, making you feel a blast of new emotions along with the weight that comes with maturity. All of that can be overwhelming…

Perhaps what you need are new experiences, maybe some other hobbies that suit your new lifestyle more appropriatelly.

As we age, we lose that natural progression that is handed to us on a silver plate in school, as a result, we need to find new places where we are able to place our goals and create a sense of progress.

Worries in Life

Worry can kill the most wholesome animosity, but worry has a natural enemy, that enemy is decisiveness of will.

You Are Running Short on Money

The bills are coming but you are running short on money, your credit card debt is piling up and you feel helpless. Yeah, when life deals that sort of blows, all that positivity and good humor can fade away faster than smoke.

 You Feel that Watching Movies is Taking You Away from Your Goals

Basically something is preventing you from a full immersion within the movie universe. Many people experience this as a symptom of getting older. A lot of times we get sidetracked of our purpose in life and you do not want this to be your case.

Realise that nobody can work 100% of their waking time. You WILL ALWAYS reach a point of diminishing returns in term of productivity. Instead of burning yourself out, become determined to recharge your bateries guilt free doing something you like, even if movies are not your prefered choice anymore.

Take a Break from Movies 

A break can reignite passion and make we value something that was right in front of us. Because our memories are far from perfect, you have the opportunity to re-watch your favorites.

The First Byte is Always the Best

Oh boy, I love going to Outback to eat their fabulous Aussie Cheseefries and Ribs on the Barbie. While is not something out of this world, the flavour and ambiance there pleases me greatly. The saddest thing though, is that I can only eat so much before I am almost hating the food.

The point is having too much of a good thing is bad for you and your relationship with the thing.

Re-watch Your Favorite Movies after a While

Quit watching your favorite movies like a junkie and take a break. After you come back the movie will be different, that happens because you are not the same person you were 1 or 2 years ago. Your beliefs have changed, along with your preferences in life, heck, even your health might be drastically different.

With a difference view of life, comes a new movie experience, which can contrast with an older one and bring you deeper levels of joy.

Your Attention Span is All Messed Up

Unfortunately, Lots of problems came along with the arrival of the internet era. People’s attention today is so diversified that it is hard for a regular individual to even read this whole article without skipping parts.

Modern Internet Trained us to Have the Shortest Attention Span Possible

Excessive internet and smartphone usage may have already caused some injuries to your attention span. There is a great book called Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport which highlights this problem with tremendous success. Take a deeper look into it, because that might just be your roadblock to a good movie sesh.

Give Yourself a Digital Detox

Take some time to heal, aspire to go 2 or more days without internet, or at the very minimum, social media. These are some of the biggest enemies of a healthy attention span. But there is another pitfall, overtime social media will hurt your normal levels of motivation in life. These superstimuli tinker too much with dopamine, creating chaos within the chemistry of your brain and leaving you unmotivated.

The Stories Are So Common It Doesn’t Ignite Your Interest

There comes a point in life where we become masters in what we do, you may not realise it, but maybe you saw so much stuff already, that nothing brings up that same level of satisfaction.

You Watched Too Many Movies Already

It takes 10000 hours to master something according to experts. You may be so experienced with movies that you already know exactly what will happen next. It is an odd intuition you developed, where you have mapped out every possible scenario and you always get it right in some way or another. With that power of discern comes boredom.

Sometimes switching genres can rekindle that passion inside you as are not familiar with the plots.

You Have Set the Bar too High

This is something that has gotten me. Becoming too critic and setting the bar high made me nitpick anything wrong with the movie.

Watch the movies with another point in mind, do it for recreation purposes, maybe to goof of with a friend. Some movies can even create meaningful experiences, Click with Adam Sandler did that for, a movie that made me see that skipping life, even the boring parts, is not worth it at all.

You Watched the Best Movies of All Time List from Every Major Movie Critics Website

It all began with those cursed critic websites, then it was my animelist and it goes on…

The point is that I have watched almost every greatest movie out there, and that made me overly critic with anything that was subpar.

Accept it and Move On

Life is a series of progressions, do not become angry because you naturally fell out of the movie wagon. There is always another wagon waiting for you.

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