I Can’t Get Over a Mistake

A Mistake Can Change Everything

A mistake can be a life shattering event. I have made plenty of mistakes that killed my desire to live from time to time. Just realize that you have to live for today. I know it is hard and your head it’s a mess right now, but understand that you have to move on.

Have You Learned Something from Your Mistake?

What did you take away from your mistake I know you may have done a suit yearly massively giant estate that can bearing your life quality a lot over time but if you take something from it then your mistake was not old all sadness?

Your Life is Not Over Because a Mistake Changed Your Path

I want you to realize that your life is not over yet. It is a matter of where you are.

Even you are in prison, your life is not over. Your mistake may have greatly changed your path in life, but you can still make corrections and land somewhere better in the future.

Realize that There Are Levels of Mistakes

Changing diet coke for normal one it’s okay, cheating on your partner it’s a very big mistake, killing someone it’s a horrible mistake.

Seven Deadly Sins Level Mistake

I want you to realize that if you have not killed someone, betrayed a person you loved or lost millions in a gambling spree, then you can recover from this. Unfortunately, we have to live with our mistake. Our past mistakes will haunt us. Looking from a different perspective, that is not so bad, it could prevent us from committing the same mistake twice.

From Misspelling to Mistakenly Killing Someone

Realize that if you did not kill someone or infringe some federal law, you are not going to spend your whole life in jail. In fact, even if you were, that does not mean that your life is over.

Depending on your single mistake, it can be something embarrassing. Simply notice that nobody really cares about you as much as you think. As you get older you will become more aware of this.

Stop Trying to Avoid Pain to Get Over a Mistake

A massive mistake is trying to suppress your pain, doing this can drag the suffering even further. A more human approach is to let the pain manifest itself. Set your thoughts and emotions free, then recover from it.

Let Your Frustration Come Out for a While

You need to let your frustration come out, whether or not you have to cry a lot it is up to you. Eating pizza, ice cream, playing videogames are temporary ways of coping with the problem.

If you do not let it come out, these frustrations are going to keep up gobbling up inside you, perhaps becoming even worse in the long run.

Choose Your Pain from Now on

Choose your pain, are you going to be wiped out from this and live your whole life in pain or are you trying to make something good out of it?

The mistake is already done. If you could have done something to do fix it, you would right you?

The truth is that you cannot do anything more about it, ruminating on the mistake you made will only lead to missed choices in the present.

Maybe Your Mistake Will Go to the Grave with You

If you committed a mistake that you deeply carry with you for a long time, you may find some peace, when you realize that you will probably carry it with you to your grave.

Learn to Live with the Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes in life there is no denying that. You need to learn to live with it.

There is no other way around, you cannot simply drop the weight that is in your shoulders.

You’ve did something wrong after all…

I’m not saying you should be punished, but your own mind will punish you for it. Learn to live with it, realize that you are not your thoughts.

Life Teaches You a Lot After Hitting Rock Bottom

When you are devastated, you will have to pull yourself from the bootstraps to get somewhere else in life, and that’s when you learn the most. Courage, motivation, depression, all those experiences you will teach you something and you will be a stronger human for it.

Do Not Make Your Mistake Significantly Worse

This is something that a lot of people do. Let’s say you have screwed up your diet and then you feel bad because you made this mistake, instead of owning up to mistake and being accountable they become very frustrated, but the mistake is that they eat to relieve the pain emotionally, it is a sick cycle of endless pain.

Do Not Let this Mistake Grow on Your Life Like a Cancer

Sometimes we make a mistake that we can’t let go of. You do not delete a mistake easily from your mind, sometimes not at all.

It doesn’t matter what you did, if you dwell on it for long enough, it will extend the suffering that this mistake has already caused. Sometimes a big mistake can start corrupting other parts of your life, growing just like a cancer.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

When you make a mistake, your emotions will be in turmoil, you need to address them. Learn to be mindful, particularly right now.

I know it is hard, but if you don’t do this, you won’t be able to function normally in life. This mental limitation will further impact your life, so in a way you are extending your mistake.

Stop Seeking Forgiveness for Your Mistake

I know that you are a good person, if you’re reading this, chances are:

You have already apologized, or deeply regret your mistake.

If you your mistake that affected another person’s life, there is a chance that the person has pardoned you. The bigger issue is that you cannot pardon yourself.

Choose to Accept Your Mistake Instead

As hard as it is, sometimes the mistake you did destroyed a precious relationship, although both parties may have come to an agreement, it will never be to same.  You lost your chance, as painful as it is you need to move on and carry on with life.

Come up with a Vision that is Worth Living for

If you dwell on the past too much, you will miss opportunities that arise today. Find something worth living for. By having no bright future to look at, you are going to be tracked down by your thoughts, the emotional turmoil and can even lead to greater mistakes down the line.

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