I Can’t Stand Working 40 Hours a Week

Reality Can Be Rough

Working a lot sucks, you have to neglect family, friends, loved ones, and I am pretty sure that they are more important that your job, at least to you. Does it matter if you have lots of money if there is nobody special in your life?

Who Created this Number?

Who the **** decided that this is an appropriated number of hours that a regular human being should work?

In the 1800’s, people used to work much more than that, it was estimated that the average person had to put in 10 to 16 workhours per day,but as time passed, laws were created to ensure a better life quality for laborers, and we eventually settled at 8 hour workdays, so in a way, society as a whole settled on this number.

“Eight hours of labor, eight hours of recreation, eight hours of rest.” – Robert Owe (1817)

People Don’t Understand that Time isn’t Equal Results

I used to work in a job where I was in charge of a very unnusual way to get leads for a company, I was doing and engineering internship there, and even though it only required 6 hours of my own time, this internship was the worst I ever had because my superior seemed to have 0 clues about training me and making me effective at the job, so even though I was there for 6 hours everyday, I barely produced any results, I eventually started to hate that company methods of work and quit.

It is The Way it is

You cannot change things on a world level, unless you have world level influential capabilities, so focus on what is inside your locus of control.

Work has Already Shaped Itself and it’s Not Changing Anytime Soon

We have been working the way we are for more than 2 centuries now, if you are reading this, at the time you are on your deathbed, things are not going to change that much, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that, when we accept that there are things we cannot change, we start looking for things we can.

Accept What You Cannot Change

There is a saying which says that we all have to go through pain, but suffering is actually optional, this means that if you need to hold a normal job to support yourself or your family, then that’s reality for you, the past is no longer accessible for you, the only stuff that is within your control is right now, this very moment. By accepting life as it is, you can enjoy it while striving for better opportunities.

Hope is Your Friend

Hope can crush a man, but it also can be the most incredible fuel to make him take action, hope is part of a vision, you cannot be great if you don’t believe in what you do.

Look for Ways out

Trying to be better and look out for a solution to your problems, is a pain in the butt, stretching yourself is discomfortable.

But there are actually two types of pain, you can suffer the pain of discomfort and maybe one day you will get whatever it is that you are working for, and there’s also the pain of regret. Being broke, having nowhere to look forward with enthusiasm is also very hard, so the thing here is that you have to choose your pain.

Stop Changing Time for Money

How much do you think you can raise your intrinsic value at your job? (aka your price per hour)

The answer to that is: not that much.

Even if you do, you would have to spend lots of money in order to heighten your human hour price, so if you do the math, you almost always come out on the losing end, and the company thrives.

You Are Not Above a 9-5 Job, but Not Below Either

Everybody needs to work, we can’t keep on depending on other people for the rest of our lives, so even if our work is bad, sometimes we have to go through unpleasant situations in life and stick with it.

The is Nothing Inherently Wrong with a 9-5 Job

We all do things for a reason, having a job is nothing to be ashamed about, you should be proud for working at something, helping someone. But work is what it is, and ultimately, work is value, you are helping people solve a problem, but you are doing it under someone that is taking the risks and paying you a share.

You Have to Use it as a Crutch While You Change Your Income Approach

If you hate what you are doing with all your heart, then stop crying about it and start doing something, something that at least have the potential to get you out of your current situation, because, what’s the alternative?

The alternative is to keep doing whatever you are currently doing until godforbid when.

Stop Changing Time for Money

In order to get out of this hamster wheel, you need to change your beliefs about money, you have to create stuff that will work for you overtime.

You Cannot Increase You Hourly Rate That Much

As we already discussed, even if you become a Phd, there are loads of student fees and you are not guaranteed to find a high enough paying job to cover the expenses, so you are pretty much stuck, unless you are an insanely hard worker, extremely motivated and talented individual that can become invaluable to your company, but we don’t base our lifeplans on outliers, do we?

Retiring Conventionally Is Hard

It is common sense that is getting harder and harder to retire nowadays, and even if you do, do you want to enjoy life only when you are 60 or 70?

Do you want to spend your entire youth on the workforce?

Change Your Wealth Equation

Your current wealth equation is all wrong, because you are simply trading time for money, right now, your wealth equation is:

Income = (Hours * intrinsic value per hour) + job bonuses

Quit Trading Time for Money

Do you think that you control how much your value per hour is?

ABSOLUTELY NO, that number is defined and coined by the marketplace and there is not a single thing you can do about it, and also, a job is not a sure thing, you can choose the safe route and fail too, so why not strive for more?

Create Assets that Will Generate Money While You Sleep

The best way to escape the safe worklife is to create assets that work for you, while you sleep, things like real estate, books, programs, software, courses, videos, songs, royalties and much more, if you become good enough at something and deliver value to people, then there is no doubt that the money will come in, eventually, you just need to go the extra mile that regular people aren’t willing to go.

Use that Hate as Fuel

Emotions are energy, do not let energy go to waste, and also don’t spend your precious energy doing meaningless things, channel it towards actions that have the potential to propel you forward in life.

Don’t Act Like a Victim

Quit whining about your current situation, yes there are many things that are outside your control, but in this case, the opposite is also true, when you get home, what will you do?

Eat junk food and watch TV until you collapse on the couch and rinse and repeat tomorrow?

Or will you try to create something, something that holds the ability to get you out of your rut?

Growth Mindset

Don’t have a fixed mindset, in life you should fail, but fail fast, because a failure will tell you what you did wrong, and that information is priceless, because you will have tasted the truth in your skin, and that information then becomes knowledge, something you know, and when you become a knowleadge person, everything starts to change.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Always

Always keep looking for a way to better your situation in life, those that keep looking, eventually will find a way, maybe it won’t be the best, but what is important is the end result.

Always Look for Ways to Shorten Your Path to Freedom

It is possible that you have a current view of how you would like to open a business, but a lot of times that vision is shattered by reality, but this is actually good, because this way you can learn what the market actually wants.

You should always remember, that money is only given to those who help people, so it doesn’t matter how, if you help a high enough amount of people solve a specific problem, eventually you will be rich.

Don’t Give Your Best for an Employer, do the Best for Yourself

After an exausting day at work, it’s hard to have any energy leftover for working on your projects, but do not use this as an excuse, remember, growth mindset, always look for solutions.

You could for example change you sleep schedule, wake up earlier and do whatever you need to get done that day, and then proceed to work as usual. This way, at least you know that day is not a wasted day.

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