I Can’t Stay Disciplined After Work

You Are Trying to Bite More than You Can Chew After Work

No wonder you are burned out, you are trying to conquer the world after work and now that you failed you are feeling hopeless about future expectations. That is normal and there are ways to keep you productive as well as maintaining your emotional health.

Workloads that Are Unrealistic Will Leave You Frustrated

When we overwork ourselves with too much responsabilities and expectations, failure becomes routine and our ego is crushed. That means that you will either have to work more comprimising sleep and neglecting loved ones. You have to find another way to get the work done in a healthier way.

Acknowledge the Time Your Task Takes to Get Done

A lot of people likes to eyebal the time it takes to finish a task, but that is the wrong approach. What realy works is doing a task once, and then measuring the time it took. With this data in hand, add another 20% because something might go wrong next time. Keep recording the time it takes until you get a precise number to work with.

Your Goals Are Too Insignificant

You cannot stay disciplined because of two variables:

  • The size of your goal;
  • How much you believe in yourself to achieve it.

Once you address these two factors, the fire to do what needs to be done will come back and discipline will be attainable.

Nobody is Driven by Goals that Are Not Life Changing

People says that discipline is doing something we know is right but we do not actually want to do in that moment. What we are going to address is the first part of that saying:

“Something we know is right to do”

When you stop believing in your projects, discipline will plummet, there is no denying that. You need to take some time to cultivate your whys. Your reasons to do something are the roots of the activity itself, without them a habit or project will not be completed. Everything we do have one or various reasons behind it.

Connect the Dots Between the Future and TODAY

Steve Jobs said many incredible things when he was faced with his own mortality, one of them was:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

That is beautifully said, in order for something grandiose to happen there needs to exist a firm belief supporting it. The ones who make it in life are the ones that keep marching forward, summoning the courage to act despite their fears.

Everything You Had Was Left at Work

If your job is too demanding, then you will have little chance to give a 100% on your personal projects after the 9 to 5.

Our Self Discipline Has Limits

As much as we like to believe that everyone can have a David Goggins level of resolve and discipline, mustering all that out of thin air is unlikely, as even David Goggins had to go through hell to become what he is today. Scientists like Roy Baumeister and Kelly Mcgonigal have found that willpower is like a muscle, it can be strenghtened but they have limits.

Resolve to Spend Every Minute Possible in Your Projects BEFORE Work

Some people are night owls, if you ended up reading this article then you are probably an early riser. At night it is harder to be productive because there are too many external factors that can disturb your focus and concentration. Also, others find it hard to respect the free time you have at night because they do not see the same importance in your craft as you do.

When you wake up early, everything that needs to be done that ceases to be an insurmountable task, because now you have all this free time to yourself while others are still sleeping. This means you can give 120% on your projects and then leave the remaining energy for work.

Resolve to Put Yourself in First Place

Decide that from today on you will work for yourself instead of a company. No, I am not telling you to quit your day job and become an entrepreneur, I am encouraging you to put your projects, health and life above a company.

Your Company Doesn’t Give a **** About You

What would happen if the company decided to leave you?

Unless you are mega talented and crucial for the company, they will only replace you without that much impact over the company’s profits.

I am Glad I Did or I Regret Not Doing it?

Become determined to live a life with no regrets. Nobody says at the end of their lives that they wished to have worked more.

Measure to Improve Your Results After Work

Improve your results only by doing a simple activity that is easy to do:

Keep score of what you do.

This is one of the fundamentals that I execute on everyday as I write for this website, I do my best to maintain goals and deadlines and try to meet them every single day.

Recording What You Do Will Have a Direct Impact Over Your Results

How will you know what is good enough without numbers?

There is no way to know actually, you may be improving or not, but you will be blind to what is working or not. Recording will always kick you in the butt to work more when you fail to meet the expectations you set for yourself.

Strive to Be Better than Before

There is threshold for what we can do in any given day, that is why missing a day is terrible. Stop trying to compensate on lost days, strive to be better than you were yesterday, 1% is a world of difference better than zero.

Have a Strong Enough Why

You will naturally surpass your limits when you have a strong enough why, people with enough reasons can summon herculean strenght and endure the hardest of life tests.

The Burning Question for Maintaining Discipline

You should always work on something that will give you the most results, that is why the pareto principle works so well with everything, when you start working your most important tasks everyday your life will become full of meaning, and that will move you forward.

Put a Piece of Paper with Your Goal Inside Your Pocket  

This is a trick I used to remind me of my goal and keep me grounded. Having a goal is not enough at all, you need to keep yourself connected to it for long enough so your vision becomes something you think about everyday. By leaving a piece of paper with your goal inside your pocket, the goal becomes tangible, something you can touch and remember at any time.

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