I Don’t Have Ideas for a Business, How Do I Start

The Ideal Way to Find a Business Idea

First of all, I am going to kickstart this article by saying that the most important thing is to just start. A wantrepreneur’s biggest mindblock is perfectionism. Waiting for the stars to align is a bad way to get in business.

The Cliché Way is to Monetize Your Passion

Start from the basics. Doing something you absolutely despise is BAD for your business. The sad part is that things we love hardly work from a business standpoint, because everybody wants to do it. We all love to eat, travel and spend money, turning those things into a business is the hard part.

Make Sure Your Passion Converge with People’s Needs

To complement the last point, ask yourself what is your passion?

You are going to have an easier time if your passion is selling than if it were music for example. It does not matter, just write everything down, you are in the brainstorming stage of the process.

Write down a massive list with anything that catches your interest, do not leave anything out. Circle out those that can become profitable with enough action.

A Business Idea is Only About 20% of the Deal

It is time to acknowledge some facts. A business idea is garbage unless coupled with massive action. Planning can be counterproductive after a while. Just start.

Execution is King When Starting a Business

High achievers believe in their vision and then immediatelly starts building their vision. The will to put your guts into the project is what will separate you from the herd. A true entrepreneur knows this; Good ideas are all over the place, people that are action oriented are not.

What the 95% Fail to Do

Seeing an idea and giving up because it seems too crowded. Nothing in the market is out of reach if you have the courage to muster through. This website is proof of concept. I knew nothing about building websites, hosting, writing articles or making research. You reading this, so I made it happen somehow.

By starting, you are giving the world a chance to give you information. Staying still is the deadliest poison to your future business.

Ask Different Questions to Get Your Answer

Every massive discovery started out with a great question. The same applies with entrepreneurship.

Brainstorm from Different Angles

Open a word document, google doc, excel, piece of paper, whatever. Now start to ask questions to get broad answers. Start with:

  • What your friends ask you to help with?
  • What kinds of problems you notice around you?
  • What you enjoy doing in your free time?

Write freely as much as you want. Then sort those out in order of importance.

Remember to Ditch Perfectionism  

I do not care if I am being redundant. I want to drive this point home, just starting is the key to being successful on your journey. Those that start early, finish wealthier. Time is life, doing things perfectly hardly ever yields perfect results.

Look for Mentorship

Life starts when we acknoledge the fact that we do not know everything. Being humble can get you far in entrepreneurism. Be eager to learn from the best to make less critical mistakes.

Join a Start Up Comunity

Experts say that you are the average of the 5 people you stick with the most. I totally agree with this. That is why you need to surround yourself with like minded people. Strive to always keep demotivated people out of your life, or you will be dragged down with them.

Get Mentorship from a Willing Entrepreneur

Not everyone will want to coach you live, that is okay. You know who will always want to mentor you for a small lifetime fee?

The book they wrote. Most of a person’s knowledge can be found within a book after they write it.

I know this because this website turned me into a writer. Writing requires a lot of patience and idea gathering. There is good chance the entrepreneur poured his whole soul in the book. Take advantage of this.

Some Fundamentals When Looking for a Business Idea

Just some pieces of condensed knowledge for you to take away for free. Some topics truly are golden nuggets.

Another Set of Great Questions for Finding a Business Idea

After you gathered a bunch of ideas for business on your first set of questions (provided in this article), you can run them through this filter:

  • Can you make people pay for this?
  • Are you able to reach them somehow?
  • Do you have the resources to kickstart this business (money for space or equipment)?

If you answered yes for everything, congratulations, you have a valid business idea.

Your Products and Quality Will Not Be the Same 5 Years from Now

Do you think Coke started with the quality they are at today?

Ridiculous, every company starts however they can and improve from there. That is the point actually, improving. You do not even need to make the same products from when started. Nintendo started out they journey by manufacturing trading cards,

Some People Struggle More than Others

There is no arguing that some fellas just coast through adversities in business because they love it, it is even thrilling for them. This is a rare case. Most of the time, life will kick you in the butt and you will have to hustle.

Some People Are More Talented than Others with Entrepreneurship

Some folks just have it. Trust me, I struggle with this, for me everyday is a battle between my lazy sluggish self and my disciplined self. While this may be hard to accept. Holding a job can be much more rewarding for some. There is no half committing in entrepreneurship, you have to dive in, because others certainly will.

Be Brutally Honest with Yourself When Starting a Business

Starting a business is brutal. Working for yourself is MASSIVELY different than working for someone else. I would argue that self discipline without working under the structure of a company is atleast 3 times harder. Deciding what to do next, cutting through things to get top priorities done and putting everything into place is challenging, despite the reward.

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