I Feel Guilty About Working All Day

There is No Point in Feeling Guilty About Working All Day

The harsh reality of life is that sometimes we need to work more in order to achieve the results we seek; it is only natural.

Use that Frustration Energy and Channel It Towards a Solution

There is a difference between wasting time and working hard towards a goal. Both will lead to pain, but wasting time will make you miserable all day. When you work hard, you can atleast rest your head easily at night, knowing you did your best.

Results Are Everything When We Are Talking About Work

Sometimes working hard does not mean hitting goals. You need to realise that working smart is everything. Being efficient saves time, so essentially time management is life management.

By wasting no more time than needed with directed focus, you are creating more time for yourself and your family.

You Need to Be More Efficient at Work

It does not matter what everyone else’s say, you need goals. Goals are great because they will make you ask questions. Questions are the first big step to tremendous results.

A Boss that Expects that You Will Use 100% Everyday is a Bad Boss

Your boss can be a shmuck. Perhaps you work hard all day not because you need to, but because your boss has unrealistic expectations of the workforce. Every work that provides value needs time to be set in motion.

Unfortunately, we are not programmed like robots to be completely free from pauses. Using the bathroom, being distracted and demotivated are human characteristics. Your boss needs to be human before he is your superior.

Few Things You Do at Work Generate Most of the Results

The great pareto principle at work here. It is easy to spot a bad productive cycle in a manual laborer’s work. Unfortunately, for people that engage in creative and desktop work, measuring is a hassle.

You will never know when your muse will come to give you the resources needed to accomplish the task. Just like a writer is unsure tomorrow will be a great writing day, a programmer does not know if he will tackle everything that comes his way.

Be Goal Oriented to Work Less

Goal oriented people work hard at what matters. People that are aimless work hard with one tenth of the results. Acknowledge the fact that busy work is not the same as deep work.

Accept the Fact that You Cannot do Everything

Delegation, you need to delegate or straight deny doing tasks that does not conflict with the desired outputs. Realise that you cannot be legendary in basketball like Jordan and compose music like Chopin at the same time. Regular people need to chose their pain wisely.

Never Let a Day Go to Waste Anymore

Today I am writing this article. While it is not Mozart’s work, I know that refusing to do it today will cause a delay in my projects. There is no arguing about this. I cannot simply add this article to tomorrow’s schedule. All my days are already planned, if I do not meet the goals I set for today, the big plan will inevitably be delayed, and that sucks.

Be Extra Accountable If You Own a Company

Owning a company means that people depend on you, not only them but their families. Decide now to never skip a day and keep inching forward.

Being a Successful Entrepreneur is All About Being Accountable

You need to realise what went wrong today and fix that, doing this over and over will lead to incremental changes. Those incremental changes will build up over time. At the end, your business will be big, just like your skills.

Give Up the Victim Mindset

You work hard all day, just like most of the people on this planet. Realise that if you do not work hard and smart, somebody out there will. The market is a war, whoever gives the best results are going to be separated from the herd.

Start Giving Undivided Attention to Your Loved Ones

What you may be feeling is guilt. Maybe you are not giving proper attention to your romantic partner or family. You need to give them valuable bits of time when you have them.

Remove All the Clutter and Honestly Get to Talk and Listen

Give up the smartphone, your favorite TV show, your gaming devices and get to listen them. Ask your loved ones what they are up to, how was their day.

Play some tabletop games with them, maybe Dungeos and Dragons, Jenga, whatever, just have fun with people you love. This, you will never regret.

Focus on the Little Things that Matter

The little things are everything. Stuff like small gifts can lift up a person’s whole day. Maybe it is an act of love like a hug or a passionate kiss. Perhaps it means going out and spending a little bit with them. It does not matter what it is, it will always require your time and attention, willingly give it to them.

Stop Working So Much and Accept the Consequences

What happens when you stop working like a horse everyday?

Maybe your boss gets mad at you. Perhaps your project does not advance at the rate you wished to. Nothing might happen, there is a change nobody will even notice.

Evaluate the Risks of Not Meeting Unrealistic Demands

The trick here is to balance things out. What can you do to cut some workrelated hours within your day?

Perhaps you can find another job with a shorter commute time. That may appear in the form of a home office or opening an online store. Be resourceful;

Sometimes Settling for a Lower Pay is Not the End of the World

There is the case of talking to your boss and seeing if he can cut your hours, at the expense of a lesser wage. Depending on your situation, this is not affordable, but is well worth the try if money is not that important to you.

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