I Get Angry When I Lose a Game in LOL

Some Key Points to Stop Being Angry When You Lose a Game in LOL

There was a time where I was so angry about losing in the league of legends, that I would yell at my family to leave me alone when I was playing the game…

Commit to Stop Using the Chat Negatively in LOL

I know the chat can be fun sometimes but you have to agree with me that the chat it’s actually toxic. Most of the time you cannot refrain from using the chat completely. You need to at least take some safety measures in order to not get dragged into the tilt black hole.

Do not curse on the league of legends chat mute whoever starts to flame.

Detach Your Self Worth from LOL

You get mad at a game because it means too much to you. Sometimes you’ll even attach your self-worth to the game and may not realize it. Being a certain rank and not being able to make that sweet fast combo or losing lane can be detrimental to your psyche.

Never Waste a Game You Lost

Kobe Bryant used to spit some brilliant truths. Once he said:

Failure does not exist. Failure is only attained if you actually give up. Failure is losing without learning anything, that is true failure.

Change The Way You See a Loss in League of Legends

Stop seeing a loss for just for your loss. If you did not play perfectly, then I bet you can take something useful from that match and actually be a better player. Realize that every tiny mistake you did may have influenced the match outcomes.

Learn to Be Respectful with LOL Players (Hard I Know)

Doing the right thing is hard, but even though the other players are not going to be respectful at all with. You need to act superior and be respectful with them or you and are going to perpetuate a cycle of hate within that game. Be respectful or do not say anything at all the in the league of legends chat.

Somebody Has to Lose in a Competitive Game

Realize that this is a competitive game, the other players are trying to win just as much as you are. You need to notice that losing is part of the game and act accordingly.

Be Humble to Win More Games

Humility is a fundamental trait to have in order to progress anything in life. Too many times you will lose a game in league of legends because you did not respect your enemy power spike or level advantage. Also, accept your mistakes, if you screw up, just say.

  • Hey I really made that mistake I’m going to mute you so I don’t tilt anymore.

Your Rank Will Never Lie (Unless You Are Smurfing)

If you have more than 50 or 100 games, then the truth is that you are where you belong. Trust me, league of legends it’s going to place you where you belong, whether you like it or not. That is not bad, I am not trying guilty shame you for your rank

Become aware that your teammates and enemies are roughly on the same level as you are. Stop going to stop being careless and start playing accordingly. Knowing that alone can boost your rank.

Remember Why You Play League of Legends

League of legends players forget this, a lot the true reason they play the game is not to show off their rank or win money unless they pro.

A Game is Supposed to Be FUN

remember that a game is supposed to be fun if the game is not fun and you are not playing it properly of course there is a competitive edge in the of legends but if you lost it then you are truly not taken advantage of what the game has to offer

Realize that Your Behavior is Hurting Someone

Yeah, although everything seems just like cartoons and fantasy, there are real people behind the keyboard controlling the champions. Being toxic or getting away from the game by disconnecting can truly hurt somebody else’s game and possibly, their day.

Stop Playing LOL Only to Win

I know you want to win but you need to focus on what matter the most in league of legends, improvement. You can be toxic, flame, try to change your teammates behavior, but trust me, the only thing that is going to remove you from your current rank it’s improvement.

Improving is What is Going to Set You Apart in the Long Run

Realize that no matter how much you talk in the of legends chat, your chances of changing somebody else’s opinion within that game are pretty slim.

Try to See LOL as the Recreational Time Investment it is

Listen to some music, go play some normal games, maybe some ARAM, but whatever you do. Realize that you are not getting anything back from league of legends. It is just purely recreational. Realize that you are only a consumer while playing league of legends, unless you are a streamer or professional.

That’s how you should see it, a recreational time investment, something for you to wind off. If you’re getting even more stress you are doing something wrong.

Losing Will Feel Worse to the Degree You Are Attached to it

The more you attach your ego to the game, the more pain you’re going to feel when you lose, there is no denying that.

A Lack of Competence in the Real World Will Make Losses Worse in LOL

if you have nothing that is truly worth living, for then losing in league of legends will feel very devastating to your ego, because it might be the only thing that you believe your good in.

An Identity Attack When Losing in LOL

You might feel like your very identity is being attacked, but trust me, it is just a game. It doesn’t matter if your friend is challenger master if their life their real life sucks…

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