I Hate Working 8 Hours a Day

8 Hours a Day Breaks a Man’s Way

Working for 8 hours each day breaks a lot of people’s spirits, and we understand them, it surely ain’t easy to love a life where you spend half your life in a job you almost hate.

Working 8 Hours a Day Can Be a Hassle

Getting extremely absurd requests from your boss every day, in which you have to deliver work at a certain standard can be soul crushing, having to work with that much pressure on a day-to-day basis is certain to have negative effects on a person’s health, so we definitely understand where you’re coming from.

Repetitive Tasks Keeps You from Growing

I write articles about different topics every single day at this website, so it is a growing experience for me, as I am learning different subjects all the time, over time I can interconnect the knowleadge that I apply here to other topics, and that will enrich both myself as an individual.

The silver lining here is that it’s hard to obtain significant personal growth from a job, especially if you do one that doesn’t resonate with you.

Forget About Much of your Leisure Time

A huge share of your life outside work will be eaten by work responsabilities and collateral damage that work has.

Traffic Will Eat Some Hours

I used to drive for almost 2 hours to get to work, because I couldn’t find any job in my area at the time, and that would kill my motivation to do anything else, I would have to find ways to be productive, in the car, using voice recognition apps do document things, listen to audio books.

Be resourceful, use your creativity to get the most out of your current situation

Work Related Thoughts Will Creep You

Sometimes work will carry itself into your personal life, and it can wreck your balance beetwen the two, driving you almost insane most of the time, not to mention that sometimes it’s not only work related thoughts, there are work related events and activities that will eat some more time of your precious life.

Stop Taking Work Home

The first step to regaining ownership of your time is to refuse to bring work to your house, you need to learn how to compartmentalize stuff.

Refuse to Do it

Do not do it, if you are not capable of doing the amount of work that is being given to you, simply communicate that the workload is to high for you and say that you are not up to the task, they will either understand or make someone else take the load.

What is More Important to You Anyways?

It doesn’t matter if you are earning a little bit more if your health is a mess, as soon as you leave the company, they will replace you like a cog in a big system, you are just that, a replaceable product, and there are hundreds of people eager to take your place, so do not sacrifice your sanity and your life for a company, it’s just not worth it.

Live Closer to Where You Work

A good option you can execute on is to simply live closer to where you work, this way at least part of your struggle will be gone.

If You Aren’t Chained to a Mortgage, Do it

I bet there are dozens of housing options close to where you work, so if aren’t chained by financial obligations, do it, it is well worth the price of time having to accommodate yourself on a new place if you are going to lessen the hardships of enduring too much trafic everyday.

Time is So Precious, Don’t Waste it in Trafic

How much time you have left?

The answer to that is, you do not know, one day you can be happy, hanging out with the people you love, and the next day the doctors says you have a set amount of time to live, it happens, you are not immune to it, don’t be complacent, the time you have on this earth is the furthest thing from free.

Work Closer to Where You Live

On the other hand, a more radical approach, and a not so easy one, is to find a job that accommodates your traveling times.

Sometimes Lower Travel Time Outweighs a Lower Wage

If you actually sat down and do the math, when you have to commute for a full hour to get to your job, you are actually working 10 hours a day, plus unwinding and disconnecting emotionally from your job and taking a bath.

So in this regard, even if you get a job that pay less, you are putting less time because of the lower commute time, so your price per hour may end up being higher or even.

Don’t Quit Looking for Jobs Just Because You Have One

Always look to better your situation, even if you already hold a job, that absolutely does not mean that you cannot look for a better one, remember, your company doesn’t give a **** about you, so why should you?

Find a Part-Time Job

Having 2 more hours a day to do what you truly want is a blessing.

Part-time Jobs Can Make Your Life Lighter

I worked on a bunch of part-time jobs and usually they teach you a lot while being light on the workhours, giving an immense amount of peace, I honestly think that 6 hour workdays are more than enough for reaching our true day-to-day time to performance ratio.

Ask for a Lower Number of Hours

Maybe your boss is amicable and very open to requests, maybe you are a smart lad and don’t have that many expenses to begin with, so you don’t care that much about your wage as you care about your quality of life. That is a perfect opportunity to make arrangements that would suit both parties and optimize a less than ideal previous situation.

Open Your Business

If you have already made your emergency fund, and is looking for broadening your horizons, opening a business is a terrific way to do it.

Maybe You Just Hate Working for a Company

Maybe you feel that you are simply caged if you are working under someone else, I understand this feeling, it’s a feeling of helplessness, because you cannot see a future where you can truly shine, and that is a dark place to be. If you own your company, you will work harder, but at least now the sky is the limit.

Your Growth Depends on You, but 1000% Pay Rises May Happen

Try to do this at work, simply bust open your boss door at work and say:


I am kidding, don’t do it, your boss will either laugh hard at you or get pissed off and send you away, that’s because in a job, you are essentially powerless.

But in a business there are several ways to get that 100% increase, double your clients, double your value, market better, increase the price, and you are in control of everything.

Become a Content Creator

Can you produce something of value to people?

Of course you can, you just have to start, even failures can create value, by giving your input on a failed attempt, you are essentially showing people what they shouldn’t do, you are saving them time, and that’s valuable.

You Can Be One and Done

You can create a 100 books, a 100 songs, a 100 blogs, a 100 companies, but you just have to hit it big once to be rich for a lifetime, but no matter how much you try, at a conventional marketplace, it requires decades of doing everything right to become somewhat wealthy.

Your Creations Can Reach Millions

For an individual to get wealthy, he has to help people, because internet has created a wonderful platform for sharing our creations, it’s easy nowadays to get our work in front of people, as a result, if you are always striving to give people value, eventually you’ll get there.

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