I Have No Desire for Anything in Life

Your Desires Are Suppressed

Aiming big is something scary. Great minds have once argued that:

Success is the biggest source of fear there is, because oneself has no confidence of maintaining it once he gets there.

There is Always Something that We Want

You can argue like crazy telling me about how you do not want anything life has to offer, but I bet that is not quite true. I have been there.

The true answer is that you desperately need to dig further. Which leads to the next question.

What do You Desire for the People You Love?

We all need love, not much, but atleast enough to feel like we are not wasteful matter in this vast universe. Don’t you want to give a better life to your loved ones?

That can manifest itself in the form of love, money, health. Perhaps you want to look better for your romatinc partner, or be able to go out more without stressing too much about finances.

Too Many Failures Made You Give Up

When life starts to beat us like crazy, few of us have the strenght to continue marching forward, but you need to realise that the alternative is far worse.

You Cannot Dare to Try Anymore

Failure has its way of killing our internal drive. But you cannot stay there forever or you become stuck in a rut, something that will makes us feel like trash, lagging behind every one we ever met.

Too Much Time Stuck in a Rut

If stay stuck for too long, people will notice, the sadness and discontempt with life, it will be etched on your forehead. Stop showing disdain for life.

To be alive today is a true gift.

There is Nothing Wrong with You

Although very unlikely, there is the case of you truly not giving a flying chuck about life. You are perfectly fine with things the way they are.

If that is you, simply close this tab and move on.

Maybe You Feel that You Already Have Everything You Need

People say that having something cannot make you happy, but nobody knows everyone. You may be permanently satisfied with your situation in life, both financially and personally.

Perhaps you broke a social barrier and came at the other end with less desire, which is the next topic.

Somehow You Broke Free from Useless Social Pressures

Have you ever watched Keeping up with the Joneses?

While I do not recommend, that show can highlight a very intesting human behaviour. Basically it shows that we do not want to be inferior to anyone, and while it seems pety on the surface, we do it a lot without noticing.

Depression is Killing any Internal Drive

Depression is often said to be the silent killer, that is because it slowly sucks the life of the person until they cannot fight back anymore.

Your Brain is in a State of Hormone Havoc

What makes you move and keep making good choices is internal peace of mind. A person can only follow a good path when equipped with a clear mind.

Focus on the Little Things

Going big can spark fear, fear can make you stop dead in your tracks. Make progress on the little things and see where it takes you. Perhaps all you need is a little bit of confidence and after meeting lesser goals you could unlock a whole different world of possibilities.

Start with What You Do Not Want to Happen in Your Life

When we are not motivated by success, fear can sparkle a different light. 

I Bet You Do Not Want to Lose Your Health

Without your health, there is little joy to be savoured. Aside from people with extreme depression with suicidal tendencies, there is one thing most of us do no want to lose:


Time is the fountain of life.

Gratitude Can Boost Internal Desire and Motivation

Studies pointed out that just having a habit of writing on a gratitude journal has been fundamental to the overall level of happiness of individuals.

Perhaps You Are More Enlightened than We Are

Breaking free from material possessions and goals in life can be very gratifying for some people.

Your Mind is Free from Material Pursuits

Breaking free from material pursuit is no easy feat. Capitalism is predominant today and going against the world is difficult.

You Became Familiar with Hedonic Adaptation

If you are not already familiar with hedonic adaptation, then I will briefly explain it here.

Hedonic adaptation points us at a truth we are normally blind to. Imagine that you are a kid and Playstation 1 just came out. You want that gaming console more than anything else in life. Life is awesome days afer the arrival of your so precious toy, but as time passes…

The excitement fades away.

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