I Sit on the Chair Like a Shrimp

Sitting on the chair just like a shrimp is very confortable and cozy, until it is not. After sitting in this nasty position for too long, your body will start to complain.

The Dangers of Sitting Like a Shrimp

Unfortunately, I was sitting like a shrimp for years, after so much time sitting like this, the damage was already done. Everyday I would wake up with an odd pain in the right part of my middle back, and as laughable as it seems, I would still think in my head:

Why is this happening to me?

Despite everyone saying how awful my posture was, I was careless and I suffered the consequences.

One Sided Extra Strain on Ligaments and Muscles

Sitting like a shrimp puts an unbalanced amount of strain on one side of your back. Depending on your shrimp sitting level, this can become very extreme.

Stiffness and Chronic Pain in the Long Run

Chronic means something that happens daily and will not go away. The only way I could reverse most pain was by sitting like a normal person instead of a shrimp.

Sitting like a shrimp can also compromise muscle and ligaments on the back and shoulders.

Some Weird Solutions

What allows for a shrimp position is having a big confortable chair that will simply “support” you while engaging in awful positions.

Use a Pillates Ball or Even a Tennis Ball to Prevent Sitting in a Shrimp Position

Some people reported recovering from shrimp sitting by using a pillates ball instead of a chair. Although that might be tremendously discomfortable, it can yield effects by making the shrimp position almost impossible to hold, thus breaking the habit.

Another strategy is to put a tennis ball behind your shoulders when sitting.

Maintain the tennis ball there for as long as you can. If you slouch, the ball will fall and you will know that you are starting to sit in a shrimp position.

Set a Stop Slouching Timer to Remind You to Quit Sitting Like a Shrimp

Perhaps you are really motivated but has a bad attention span. A good option then is to set a stop shrimping timer. Set a timer with unpredictable reminders to avoid slouching patterns. A good tool for this is the Randomly Remind Me app.

Awareness is Essential to Stop Sitting Like a Shrimp

By becoming aware of your slouching, you will be able to better cope with the urges that rise when you get tired. Meditation is the best tool possible to help you with this, and it is free.

Meditation Will Help You Stop Sitting Like a Shrimp

Numerous studies have demonstrated the powers of meditation on our self control. Meditation can help dramatically impact our behaviours when dealing with habit formation and quitting vices.

Why Does It Feels Nice to Sit Like a Shrimp?

Sitting like a shrimp feels so good at first. While I hate it now, sitting like a shrimp felt so relaxing and easy on my back. Why did it feel so good?

Part of Your Muscles Enter a Relaxed State While Sitting Like a Shrimp

A lot of muscles that aid your back in becoming straight can relax and become almost unused when you sit in a shrimp position. Sitting upright requires that your postural muscles work nonstop.

Good posture will feel less straining as my back get stronger and more habituated to the right way of sitting.

Shrimp Sitting Puts Gravity More on Your Side

The more vertically oriented you are, gravity has more impact on you, differently from when you are laying in a bad, something that is more similar to shrimping for example.

You need to realise that your back will be sore regardless of position, but sitting like shrimp will put much pressure on your spinal nerves

The Ideal Angle When Sitting to Avoid Shrimping

There is a special angle that will aid you in preventing shrimping when sitting in a chair, something I found accidentally while researching for this article.

What is the Ideal Angle to Sit on a Chair?

The ideal angle to decrease spinal disc pressure is something about 110 degrees, increasing more than this may cause discomfort when using a desktop computer. Less than this can compress the spine too much causing problems down the road.

We Spend Too Much Time Sitting

Nowadays it is not abnormal for people to spend 10 or more hours sitting in a chair every day. The huge problem is that humans were not designed for sitting for such extended periods of time. Because of this, our bodies are naturally going to show signs of miscare.

Not to mention how inducing it is for sedentarism.

You Were Not Born for Shrimp Sitting

Sitting for too long has already been proven to be bad for the human physique. But when we are subject to a distorted position like shrimp sitting, things get worse on a whole different level.

Use Software to Help Relief Our Backs from Shrimp Sitting

You get the idea, make use of technology to prevent injury from sitting like a shrimp. After you have corrected your habits and is practising good posture, now is time to establish break periods to further enhance your overall well being.

The software Workrave has done wonders for me in terms of maximizing productivity. I use Workave differently from what is intended for but it helps me massively. In Workrave I set intervals of 25 minutes of time working and 5 minutes relaxing, the best thing is that it locks my screen so I have to take the break.

Sitting Correctly Will Help You to Stop Sliding Forward in Your Chair Until You Sit Like a Shrimp

When you sit at a comfortable position with the correct sitting angle, pain becomes minimal and that is one less trigger for sitting like a shrimp. There is also the benefit of not sliding forward like I did, something that began the process of sitting like a shrimp.

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