I’m 24 And Wasted My Life Already

First, I Will Tell You Outright this is WRONG

Okay then, you convinced yourself that you wasted your life at 24 already, but is it true?, why are you exactly feeling this way?

There so many questions and I know that you are feeling like a hollow shell of a human being, but you can’t feel this forever, sometime you will have to dig yourself out of this hole, and what you are about to read can help you greatly.

You can have indeed “wasted” a good part of your golden years, but there is more to it.

In those years where you have not achieved a result, wheter it is financial or personal, there are things that you didn’t do that you should have, think about that for a moment, the ideal thing you could do, right now, would be to pretend that you are a robot, and look at what you were doing all your life until this present day.

What were you doing?

Such a thing like I was doing nothing doesn’t exist, period. You could be playing videogames all day, smoking pot, wanking, it doesn’t matter, the actions that you have done until now are what have brought you to were you are today, you are not the problem, what you have been doing is.

Make a list of everything that you were doing

Good or bad, remember, you are a robot, if you want to sort yourself and get out of this rainy mood, do it, it doesn’t matter where you do it, pen and paper, a notepad, Microsoft Word, just do it.

You did those things for a reason, even if it were the wrong one.

Sometimes life sucks, we don’t believe what we are doing will work, everyone that we now are making progress in life and we feel bad about being the one left behind, so we take refuge in stupid things.

I am not saying in any way that you shouldn’t have fun, but when we get so close to bottom and our life becomes more and more void of meaning, even silly stuff can become full fledged addictions, stuff we use as a coping mechanism to fill the void.

Everyone is fighting their own battle

You already heard it a lot, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, almost everybody portrays a perfect image of themselves for the world to see, but reality is not like that, you shouldn’t strive to be better than anybody, that leads to only frustration, you should strive to better than you were yesterday, cliché, but it’s true

You can’t change your whole life in one day, but maybe you can change your life greatly in one year with honest hard work.

Ditch the things that are holding you back on your robot-mode generated list

It is infinitely harder to move forward when you are carrying such a high load on your shoulders, I say this from experience, gaming was sucking the life out of my body, that was my poison.

For me it was gaming, maybe it’s something else for you, but the first step in becoming better, it’s acknowledging what’s setting you back in life and mustering the courage to not make the same mistakes, or else you will be 25 and crying again about how you are wasting your life

Make a Journal, take your time on it

The only way to change your life is by thinking, our heads are good for generating ideas, but not keeping them, that’s where a journal comes into play.

Pen and paper, digital, it doesn’t matter, just do it

If you go with pen and paper, you will fall into a trap eventually, the perfectionism trap, don’t fall for it, just take whatever notebook is available and start it today!

Well, it is not so simple for a lot of peope, why?

Privacy, that’s why

So, in this regard, a digital journal would be best, I can only recommend the “Journey App” for this or a password locked doc in your computer.

Be brutally honest in your journal, but don’t just beat yourself, look for answers

When you start journaling you will inevitable start blaming yourself, write bad things about yourself, but you are doing this to do better, so instead try to come up with solutions on why you aren’t happy with how things are.

Start small, in life you are never stagnant, you are either falling or climbing

Doing nothing means that time will pass and nothing will happen for you, so even if you change a little bit, it will make an impact later on, it’s the butterfly effect.

“You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back”-Steve Jobs.

Study habit formation

Read books about creating new habits like Atomic Habits, Mini Habits, Tiny Habits, all of them have some things in common, and you will pick some fundamental truths at each one of them, doing this will save you precious time, because you will know how to build change that lasts.

Track your time

If you track your time, you will imediately change your behaviour, because when you track your time, there isn’t false information there, it is literally in your face, you cannot lie to yourself anymore, and you will naturally want to stop throwing your time in the garbage.

Aim for something you want out of life, or at least something you don’t want to happen in your life.

Yeah, goals, they have been around for so long for a reason, they can boost several aspects of a person behaviour because now that person has a clear vision of what he or she wants out of life

Set goals that matter deeply, personally, to you

What would be the one thing that would change your life the most for the better if you achieved this?

For most people it is money, and there is nothing wrong with that, let’s say it’s money, what should you do?

Brainstorm ideas on how to get there, be specific about the amount, pick the best and go with it.

If you are trying you very best and it doesn’t work, it’s not wasted time

You have set a goal, you are taking action and you fail miserably, well, you are not a failure.

Wait, what?

Who do you think is a failure in this scenario?

Those who are struggling, learning, giving their very best to a worthwhile goal for them or those who aren’t even trying, hiding themselves in low ROI activities?

It doesn’t matter the outcome, if you do everything right, eventually you will get to your desired results, it is just a matter of time.

And even if you don’t quite get there, you can have something very valuable just from giving your very best.

You can honestly say that you are proud of who you have become in the process

Don’t take this lightly, what you think of yourself matters, and the best way to change what you think of yourself is by doing what you think is right.

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