Is It Possible to Meditate While Upside Down?

It is Not Possible to Meditate Upside Down for Too Long

Even though meditating while upside down seems cool and nice on paper, trying to perform such act can bring disastrous consequences and certainly little to no benefits.

Staying Upside Down is Fatal

Our bodies were not designed to stay upside down for extended periods of time. Subjecting our bodies to such pressure puts an enormous strain on our heart. No matter how strong your cardiovascular system is, eventually a blood vessel will rupture and may cause a brain hemorrhage.

But in reality, what will kill you faster than any other issues are the lack of oxygen supply.

Eventually Extreme Pain Would Take Over

Most people would face extreme pain because of the large amount of blood rushing to the head. Also

You Would Have a Hard Time Focusing

A meditator needs stillness and peace to enjoy a good meditation session, all the pain and abnormal conditions created by trying to meditate upside down would ruin the meditator’s concentration.

There is Not Going to Be More Oxygen Just Because Blood is Flowing to Your Head

Do not expect to suddenly be able to use 100% of your brain because more blood is flowing through it, but that is not the case at. The real problem here is that your lungs are working under suboptimal conditions and will be less efficient at converting your breathing into oxygen to use on your bloodstream.

Extra Weight On Your Lungs While Meditating Upside Down

Staying upside down is terrible for your lungs because now all of your organs and intestines are sitting in it, making it harder to breathe.

Do Not Attempt to Meditate Upside Down

Nobody likes being told what to do but I urge you not to attempt this. Now that you know how dangerous being upside down really is, employ the good old common sense.

There are ZERO Benefits from this Practice

I honestly cannot think of any benefits of doing this besides helping your spine a little bit with decompression.

You Can Severely Damage Your Body

Oxygen shortage leads to an immense pool of health problems and those cannot be taken lightly.

Wrapping Up on Meditating Upside Down

Curiosity is something good most of the time, but it should always be coupled with critical thinking and common sense.

It is Imprudent to Do Such Thing as Meditating Upside Down

Do not attempt to do such an imprudent action, you can create permanent damage to vital organs or even die by trying to meditate upside down.

Learn to Value Life

There was a time you were competing against more than 5 million foes to survive. Being alive is a miracle, the time that has been given to you is sacred, do not toy with life, be grateful for it.

Meditation Can Turn Your World Upside Down

Meditation is something that helps me keep writing in times of dismay, keeps me looking for the positive when the world seems like utter bull excrement.

Meditation Done Right Can Tremendously Improve Life

Meditation is one of the best things you can start doing in your life, no questions asked. When meditation is done right it can bring a great deal of benefits, things like focusing and producing more becomes easier overtime.

What Are the Best Benefits of Meditation?

I have experienced a lot of benefits from meditation, of the top of my head I can mention:

  • Happier overall
  • Ability to concentrate for extended periods of time
  • Self discipline increased
  • Desire to be organized
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