I’ve Rooted My Phone Now What?

Select and Remove Bloatware from Your Rooted Phone

Samsung has made a stupendous job at making my Galaxy S7 the most bloated phone I ever had. Rooting my phone gave me the flexibility I needed to make its system faster and more organized.

I Use Lucky Patcher for Bloatware Removal on My Rooted Phone

While I cannot confirm the trustworthiness of using lucky patcher, it has been atleast successful in meeting my simple demands of unninstalling loads of system software that were also bloatware.

Make a List of Removed Apps to Prevent Future Crashes

If you are unexperienced, then you might not realise that some software is vital to your andriod system. Some of these are bloatlike software preinstalled in your phone stock rom.

Scan Through the Web for the Best Apps for Your Rooted Phone

The android Play Store has an endless stream of apps for you to download, but there is some apps that are only available outside of it.

Give a Try to those Apps that Needed Root You Always Wanted to Install

Now that you got the bloatware out of the way, it is time to tinker with those apps you always wanted to install before rooting your phone.

Experiment with Apps from Play Store that Only Works with a Rooted Phone

There are certain apps that requires rooted phone capabilities. If there ever was an app that you wanted to try, but could not install on your phone because of root. You will be surprised at the amount of things you can do with it now.

Make a Nandroid Recovery Backup on Your Rooted Phone

After you install everything you want and leave your ROM just the way you love it, is time to protect this bad boy against a potential failure. Make a NANDroid backup to get the best backup possible, with NANDROID backup you get a perfect image copy of your ROM, straight out of your phone and into your desktop.

Things Can Go South Pretty Fast

When we start to mess around with system features, our cellphones become vulnerable to:

  • Accidental malware
  • Unninstalling bloatware that happens to be vital to the android system, causing bootloops
  • Bootloops
  • System crashes

By having a proper recovery, you can fix all of those problems pretty fast.

How to Perform a Nandroid Backup that is Very Easy to Do?

The first thing you need to do is to have a custom recovery installed on your phone. I am assuming you already have one, since you have been able to root your phone. After you have done this, for this mini tutorial we will be using TWRP as our custom recovery. With all the pre requisites in place, execute the following chain of commands:

  • Enter your recovery mode;
  • Chose backup;
  • Select backup save location;
  • Select what you want to backup;
  • Swipe and wait for backup to be complete.

Go Minimalist with Your Rooted Phone

Sadly, I have a very addictive personality. For me it is easy to become engulfed in social media, video games and unhealthy food.

The True Reason I Rooted My Galaxy S7

What I needed to solve the problem was to change my environment to the best of my capabilities, removing as many distractions as possible. The only way I could reach this outcome was through rooting my android phone.

My Phone Was Controlling My Life

3 years ago, I was addicted to youtube. I would watch it for several hours before leaving bed…

That, along with terrible video game addiction, made me become very close to developing depression. Before that happened I tried to solve one problem at a time.

After rooting my phone, I removed google, youtube and chrome from my cellphone, along with any other social media apps.

To prevent me from easily installing it again, I also installed an older version of play store. I tinkered with many versions because I wanted to find one that still enabled my cellphone to work with google apps such as google maps and keep, but would be unable to download apps from the android play store.

Eventually I found success with the play store apk of my old motorola G2. I am 3 years free from phone addiction now, so hurray for me.

Prepare Yourself for a Bootloop

Sometimes we make a little mistake and BOOM, bootlop…

It happens, I have bootlooped my phone more than 10 times now, it happens.

Do Not Panic if You Are Not Tech Savy

What makes me sad when I bootloop my phone is having to it all again, or forgetting to backup photos and important documents. Aside from that, there are plenty of tutorials regarding phone recovery. In most cases, you just have to flash the ROM again and the problem is solved.

Remember that it can be even easier if made a nandroid backup.

Create a Folder with Your Favorite Apks and ROM Images

With that much experience behind rooting phones, I made my personal collection of ROM’s, apks and commonly used files. Doing this is crucial for maintaining peace of mind, knowing you will not have to dig all over the web to find the correct files to unbrick your phone.

Rooted Phones Gives You More Freedom

Just some final thoughts regarding rooting your phone.

Rooting requires a little bit of courage and time to do, but after the initial effort is done, your phone can offer you much more than it previously could.

Realise that Everything Has Pros and Cons

Security is reduced, warranty is often voided, sometimes we brick our phones, we get mad and sad. But realise that everything new comes with a learning curve, overtime you will get the hang of what is okay to do and what is not.

Enjoy Your Rooted Phone and Expand Your Knowledge

Curiosity is a great thing, because it stretches our minds in search of a better result. Always learn more, multiples studies revealed that overtime, different areas of knowledge overlap, boosting creativity and promoting breakthroughs.

Enjoy your rooted phone, make mistakes and learn from them.

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