Left Bowling Ball in Cold Car in Winter Months

Is it Safe to Leave the Bowling Ball in the Car?

Winter comes and goes, but now you want know if leaving your expensive and much loved bowling ball in the car its dangerous for its longevity. Stick with us for a thorough answer based on experience and hours of research.

There Certainly Are Potential Bad Effects

Even though this is not the answer you would like to hear, when you leave your bowling ball in the car, the ball is subjected to suboptimal conditions time after time. Unfortunately, the ball will always falter with time, but treating the ball right will make it last much longer.

The takeaway from this is to not leave your bowling ball in the car, as they could crack.

Depends on the Balls Quality and Weather Temperature Variation

Some people leave their bowling balls in the car for months and nothing happens, but that is not always the case.

It is better to safe than sorry with your precious bowling balls.

Depending on where you live, your bowling balls could crack more easily because of a wilder temperature variation. What causes the balls to crack is the small expansion and contraction it suffers because of too many temperature changes.

How does Bowling Balls Cracks by Staying in the Car?

Our bowling balls are decided to disturb us if we do not obey their rules, it is absolutely necessary to follow some guidelines to take care of your bowling ball.

The Temperature in Your Car Varies Too Much and is Not Monitored

Now I will explain why your car is not the ideal place to leave a bowling ball.

A turned off car cannot control temperature, that is why the ball is subjected to various temperature changes. When we make this mistake over and over, the ball will give up overtime.

Contraction and Expansion of Resin Inserts

The thing that is causing the ball to crack are the ball’s resin inserts.

There is another less talked about concern that makes life difficult for a player when he wants to enter the zone, and that is ball inconsistency with temperature change. Unfortunately, it takes some time for the ball to get back to room temperature, it is usually settled in the third game.

It is Better to Be Safe than Sorry with Your Bowling Balls

We all know that bowling balls are expensive, and overtime we develop some kind of appreciation for a specific ball and our results with it, some people even report having a conection to their bowling ball.

You Are Shortening Your Bowling Balls Life

By doing this, you are not taking full potential of your bowling ball life expectancy, this is essentially throwing time and money in the trash. Some people spend choosing the perfect bowling ball, and also costs decent money.

Many People Claim it is Okay, But If It Happens Once…

Okay, so you decided to leave your bowling balls in the car. I have a tip for you then.

If you decide to take the lazy route, leave the bowling ball on your back seat instead of your trunk, that can help a little as that part of your car Is better insulated and less subject to weather changes.

Will Leaving the Bowling Balls Inside the Car Impact My Game?


A Bowling Ball Temperature Subtlety Impacts Your Game

As we discussed, weather changes will impact your game, because the bowling ball is made from a porous material, they are going to expand and make it weird when you hook them.

The Oils that Came Out May Disrupt Your Game

When the oils of the ball are too cold they are not going to hook like they were designed for. That is another valid reason not to leave your bowling ball in the. Take care of your bowling balls and you will be rewarded with a better game, time and savings.

Where Should I Keep My Bowling Ball?

Some people claim not having the time to take proper care of their bowling balls, or even not having a good place to leave them, especially if they are frequent players.

Keep Your Bowling Anywhere with a Stable Temperature

I have written this article in english because I want it to reach the world. That is why I have taught you the basics, this way you can think for yourself. Now that you know both the causes and impacts of extreme weather variation on your bowling balls, you just have to be creative and find places that suit the description of a good place to leave your ball. Heck, even some countries do not suffer too much temperature variation.

Your House is the Best Place for Your Bowling Ball to Be

Thanks to scientific advancement we have something that makes life easier and more comfortable for almost everyone’s houses in the US, and that something is the air conditioner.

Because of this amazing piece of equipment we can always maintain our houses temperatures in a range, making it the best place to be.

Zeal is a Great Trait to Have

When you take good care of one thing, even your bowling ball, that will translate to other areas of your life.

The Way You Treat Your Stuff Reflects How You Treat Your Life

By practicing the small discipline of taking care of your bowling ball, eventually you will be proud of it. Overtime, you will start to be caring with everything else in life, including your family, health and finances.

Sometimes the push we need is just a little change.

Appreciation and Gratitude for the Small Things

Gratitude and appreciation for what you have will make life more joyful. Gratitude has been shown time and time again to be one of the most powerful traits that a happy person has.

Sometimes we are very rich in life, wealth is abundant, and we end up taking things for granted, but that is not quite true, everything in life is temporary, including life itself.

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