Legs Falling Asleep While Meditating

There Are Many Ways to Meditate

It is true that there are many ways to meditate, people often find ways to meditate while walking, running, sitting in odd positions, I even written an article about meditating while upside down and its harmful effects, but what is an efficient way to meditate and keep the pain away?

Crawling Forward is Better than Quitting in Meditation

I am a strong believer that inching forward even if a little bit is miles better than staying stagnated. That is why even though you may be experiencing a little disconfort in your meditation sessions, that is not enough reason to quit altogether, in this article you will find good solutions to keep your legs comfortable.

Meditation s Very Simple

Changing the style of sitting can be a good solution, something as simple as sitting on a chair would avoid a severe nerve compression that is causing the leg numbness in the first place

If Your Legs Are Falling Asleep Something is Off

Limbs do not go off like this out of nowhere, something very wrong might be happening. When you stop feeling a limb, that happens because the nerve conduction in that limb has been cut for some reason.

This is Your Body Signaling a Lack of Something

Nerves are not being able to make the connection between the limb and your brain, that happens because the nutrients are not being carried into the nerve when you compress them.

Over time it Will Damage Your Body

If you are sitting in a harmful position, the same way knees get wrecked, your leg’s blood circulation can become a problem over time.

Changing Positions is Not a Big Deal

Do not fall for a sunk cost phallacy, even though you might have sitted in a specific position for a long time, that does not mean it is a good one.

Pain Can Distract You from a Good Practice Session

Meditation can be very hard as you already know, for me there almost nothing as hard as trying to constantly detach myself from my thoughts and become an observer. Now things get to a whole different level if we talk about meditating in pain.

A Kneeling Position Can Solve Your Problems

A kneeling position won’t make your legs go numb. Kneeling is easy on most of your joints, unlike a lotus position for example.

The Peroneal Nerve Channel

There is a nerve channel that is responsible for most of what is happening to you, solve the problem there and the numbness will go away.

Nerve Compression is the Culprit

When you sit in a lotus or half lotus position, there are subtle factors to take into account, little details like how much of a room are you leaving on the meditation cushion can make or break the connection of the peroneal nerver channel

Potassium Shortage and Leg Numbness in Meditation

What carries the information is potassium. All that numbness that you find yourself hating after a meditation session is caused by this mineral shortage when you pinch the peroneal nerve channel.

Get a Better Cushion or Experiment with the Current One

Get a cushion that is more comfortable and fits your butt better, maybe just doing this will solve the problem.

A Firmer Cushion Can Do Wonders

Everything might be solved be replacing your cushion with a better one, nowadays there are plenty of guides online readily available that can aid you in choosing the optimal cushion.

Maybe You Need a Slight Posture Adaptation

Even with much experience meditating, a teacher’s advice is gladly accepted, I read online about a teacher that talked about this issue. What the teacher suggested was to sit atop a firmer cushion, and do the best possible to keep as much of my butt off it. That has worked wonders but can come at cost of fidgeting a little bit with adjustments.

Subtle Changes in Your Posture May Be Enough

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction so things can go forward in life, I hope this article is that something with your meditation.

Switch Legs in Half Lotus

After some time meditating, switch legs to equalize the load on both legs nerves

Maybe Time will Help with the Pain

The body is a fantastic machine that is working all the time to meet your goals, humans are teological beings, that means creatures of that are always aiming at some direction. Maybe it is the case that over time you will become more flexible or something will simply click and the pain might go away.

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