My Puppy is Waking Up at 4AM

Don’t Feed Him Too Early Before Sleep

Having a puppy can be just like having a baby a lot of times, as they require caring, love, attention and commitment.

If He Wakes Up Hungry it is Your Fault

Let’s assume it is a lovely Saturday, you decide you’re going to hang out with your friends and you won’t bring your dog, with this in mind, you feed your dog a little too early and set out to party, now your dog eats at 17:00, now that is a huge problem, and it’s more than guaranteed that he’ll wake up to haunt you, because he’s been without food for more than 12 hours!

Time and Quantity Matters

With that in mind, always try your best to feed the doggo a little bit later in the night, and give him a little more food also, just to make sure that he isn’t going to wake you up because of hungriness.

Make Him Tired

Heeey, playing with your dog can be fun, and create a real bond between you, and the best part, it’s free, so don’t forget to make your puppy work hard before bedtime, if you do this he’ll sleep like a rock, guaranteed.

Go for a Run

You have a real opportunity here, some people would kill to have a good jogging partner. If your puppy is too small, then go for a walk, anything that can get him (and you) going.

Play Some Games with Him

There are countless games you could play with your puppy in order to make him tired, if you are out of ideas, simply play catch, throw a ball as far as you can, repeat 50 times, profit.

Feed Him Less Frequently

There is no need to feed your dog 5 or 6 times a day, doing this will only increase his chances of becoming obese and live less.

Feed Him 3 Times a Day

Feeding him 3 times a day is a well agreed upon number for meals given to a puppy, because it keeps the puppy energy levels stable. Also, food can help regulate your puppy’s circadian rhythm.

Feeding a Dog Too Often Leads to an Overfeeding Habit

Do not give him too much food for each meal, also, do not feed your puppy too many times on a regular basis, overweight puppies tend to keep being overweight through their adult lives, and it will be hard for your overweight dog to shed some pounds, because adult dogs need fewer calories to maintain their weight.

Force Him to Adjust to Your Sleep Schedule

Whenever you are going to sleep, try to make your puppy sleep at that same time too, the same is true for when you wake up.

I Know it is Hard, but Ignore Him After He Wakes up

When you give in to your puppy’s demans, you are essentially creating a bad habit, and a habit is something that will repeat itself and will be hard to break.

Use your willpower to make your puppy know that barking or making noises is not a way for him to get what he wants, and soon enough, they will quiet down.

Make Sure You Both Go to Sleep at a Similar Time

Make a priority of adjusting his sleep schedule to yours, every animal in the planet have a circadian rhythm, you simply need to “force” your dog to adjust to yours, and that is a strong commitment to make. If your sleep schedule is all over the place, that means that your dog’s sleep schedule will be equally messed up.

Look for What Could Be Making Him Wake Up

Maybe something can be causing distress to your dog that you are not aware about yet, and you think it’s your dog’s fault for being this way.

Maybe Something Happened, a Strange Noise or External Factor

A weird noise at his sleep place or something like that could be causing distress to your puppy, there is a chance that your neighboors are making weird noises to early in the morning, a leaky spot somewhere in the house, or things of the like.

Maybe Something Around his Environment

Is your puppy’s bed a great place for him to sleep?

Do you always keep the place where he sleeps clean?

There are a lot of factors that could be contributing to your doggo have a bad night of sleep, and it’s not going to hurt to check his environment.

Give Him a Quiet Chew Toy

Sometimes the puppy just wants to play with something, and there is nothing wrong about that, but at the same time, you have to give him something that won’t disturb all neighborhood

Sometimes the Doggo Just Wants to Play

Let your friend be happy, just do it the right way, I am not going to try to sell you anything in this article, there are plenty of options available on the internet of quiet dog chewable toys, so if you are interested in that, leave a comment and I will make a special article just pinpointing the best.

He Can Make Weird Noises, So Check if it Works for You

Let’s say you’ve bought your dog that nice quiet chewable toy, and he is having fun, but even with this artifact, he is still making noises, barking sometimes and crashing at stuff at home that is causing some nervewrecking sleeping nights?

Well, in this case, it may not work for you, but we are giving you plenty of solutions to solve your puppy sleeping problem, so try them out first before giving up.

Make His Bed as Comfy as Possible

Make your puppy not want to leave the bed, and problem solved, we are all animals, if our bed is too comfy, we usually sleep until either an important problem arises (aka we waking up our puppy) or we are absolutely awake.

White Noise Machine

In the case that there are weird sounds waking him up and you can’t do anything about it, a white noise machine could solve your problem, as it will “blend” the sounds in a rather pleasant way for your puppy.

Clean Sheets, a Dark, Quiet Environment

If everything is clean, then your dog will feel more comfortable and will have an easier time staying in bed.

Darkness is a very important factor to put into consideration, as light can block melatonin production in your puppy, making him have a hard time falling asleep.

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