How to Skip Meals Without Feeling Hungry?

Give Your Body Time to Adapt Your body is accostumed with several meals. Breaking this flow of constant energy intake will make your physiology mad for a while. Your Body Will Adapt Overtime Realize that this is temporary. Our bodies are wonderful machines in terms of adaptation. We can live several days without food, skipping … Read more

What to Do If You Can’t Stick to a Routine

Accept the Change Completely I want you to realize that you need to convince yourself that you really want to change. Understanding this, is the first phase to welcoming change in your life. By skipping this step, we maximize the potential of sabotaging ourselves. The Lies We Tell Ourselves Sometimes we like to tell ourselves … Read more

Black Pepper is So Underrated

Black Pepper Really is Underrated Black pepper is a delicious spice. I personally use it in almost everything. You can use black pepper in almost every dish because of its versatile features. Ask any Chef what spices would he bring, given the chance to only pack two spices in his bag, unmistakenly, the most common … Read more

Why is Life So Hard for New Graduates?

There is an Increased Pressure for New Graduates Being a sutdent comes with many benefits. The only things teacher, peers and parents expect of you is a great academic performance, and that is within your reach through hard work and dedication. The situations really change after your academic phase comes to an end. How Will … Read more

I’ve Rooted My Phone Now What?

Select and Remove Bloatware from Your Rooted Phone Samsung has made a stupendous job at making my Galaxy S7 the most bloated phone I ever had. Rooting my phone gave me the flexibility I needed to make its system faster and more organized. I Use Lucky Patcher for Bloatware Removal on My Rooted Phone While … Read more

Why I Do Not Like Exercising Outdoor

Wasted Time Chatting with Other People A lot of times, there is already too much in our plates. Things like job, romantic relationships, friends, cooking and personal hobbies takes up all of our time. Add that to the time you end up talking to people at the gym and your days will be gone at … Read more