Can You Kill a Jellyfish with Lava?

What is a Jellyfish Made of? Jellyfish are about 95% water as opposed to us humans featuring a meager 70% water body composition, those guys don’t even have brains, fascinating. They are JELLY The way that jellyfish moves into water is by squirting water out of it’s mouth, jellyfish does not have any muscles, so … Read more

Can a Book Stop a Bullet?

It All Depends How thic is the book, what kind of cover it features, even the quality of the pages, but tests were already made, and what we can say is that most books won’t be able to stop a bullet, even if It’s low caliber. A Book Could Stop a Tank Shot if It … Read more

Can a Duck Drown?

If You Curious Wheter a Duck Can Drown, You Are at the PERFECT Place We will cover everything you need to know if you want to know wheter a duck can really drown or not, as odd as a question may be, there are always answers, and some of those may surprise you. Ducks Do … Read more

Can’t Follow my Own Schedule

Do You Lack Motivation? Are you a self motivated person? Often, it’s very difficult to follow a schedule, because in a nutshell, we are almost a different person when the time to execute comes. You will be much better off by accepting reality, setting the bar too high with various activities is often a way … Read more

I Hate Working 8 Hours a Day

8 Hours a Day Breaks a Man’s Way Working for 8 hours each day breaks a lot of people’s spirits, and we understand them, it surely ain’t easy to love a life where you spend half your life in a job you almost hate. Working 8 Hours a Day Can Be a Hassle Getting extremely … Read more

My Puppy is Waking Up at 4AM

Don’t Feed Him Too Early Before Sleep Having a puppy can be just like having a baby a lot of times, as they require caring, love, attention and commitment. If He Wakes Up Hungry it is Your Fault Let’s assume it is a lovely Saturday, you decide you’re going to hang out with your friends … Read more