What is a Manga Reader Called?

A Mangaka is a Manga Writer, But What is a Manga Reader? Well, you can scourge all over the web, but the real answer is that there doesn’t exist a specific name for a person who reads manga, but if you are looking to something that will fit the bill, we have plenty of options … Read more

How to Quit League of Legends

Quit League of Legends Despite How Fun It is This is one the hardest things I have done in my entire life, no doubts, quitting this game, at least it felt like it was like quitting actual drugs. League of Legends is Fun as Hell Oh boy, I started playing in season 3, and played … Read more

Am I Meditating Wrong?

Okay, you researched a method on the internet about meditation, got all psyched up about the huge benefits that meditation can bring you and now, your meditation sessions seems kind of weird, maybe you are not getting the “results” you thought you would get and now you are feeling a little helpless about how you … Read more

Can the Feathers From a Pillow Cause You Acne?

Can a Feather Pillow Really Cause You Acne? Well, feathers are known allergens to some people, so the answer is yes, feather pillows can cause acne depending on several factors. If you’ve recently switched to feather pillows, down pillows or even duvets, and find that your acne increased, feathers may be to blame. Also, for … Read more

Foolproof way to wake up earlier

I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING Well, supose you did too, this is an issue I have struggled with for too many years. I have spent countless hours trying to solve this puzzle and have a productive morning, with little to no success for a long time, but I did crack the code, there are some fundamental … Read more