Should I Continue Playing the Piano If I Don’t Enjoy It?

Evaluate What Exactly You Do Not Like

There are a multitude of things that can make us hate something we used to love, but when it comes to playing an instrument, some factors contribute more than others.

Did You Stop Liking the Instrument?

First thing to answer your question is to get more clarity on it. The first step is to acknowledge what you cannot stand anymore. From my own experience, I could list:

  • Lack of interest on learning any other songs;
  • Decreased progress on learning the instrument which leads to demotivation;
  • Depression;
  • Life responsibilities and worries;
  • Lack of time for everything, making your piano sessions seems like a chore;

How Are the Piano Practicing Sessions?

What stands out the most to me in these periods of almost giving up is a dissatisfaction with the speed of progress on a given piece. Pouring your heart into the craft and getting little results from it can be soul crushing.

Sometimes we really need to evaluate if we are ready for the grind, because we might have underestimated the price that comes associated with being a good pianist.

It Does Not Depends on How Far You Are with Piano

You may be an experienced pianist, but why should you continue playing if you derive no pleasure from it anymore?

Do Not Fall for a Sunk Cost Fallacy with Piano

The sunk cost fallacy is simple, it unveils the truth that we often start invest more time, money or effort into a mistake, because we are too deep into it.

Do not fall for it, if you think your time can be better spent elsewhere, then you should do that, when you are older, you will still want to do what you wanted to do today, but you will not have the energy to accomplish it.

Change Your Piano Teacher

If you are still unsure whether or not you should stop playing the piano, then changing your piano teacher can be a great boost in your motivations.

Sometimes we do not like something because it was presented to us in a different way, that was not compatible with our likings.

There is No Point in Doing Something You Hate

This is the truth, unless you play piano to pay the bills, there is absolutely no point in continue playing the piano if you hate it. Realize that you will only get you more resentful overtime if you force it.

Unless this is Your Profession There Are Little Strings Attached

Perhaps you are not a professional, but an excellent player and this has defined your existence to you at some point. Stuff like

  • I am an excellent pianist, that is how people see me, and most importantly, how I see myself.

Letting go of those beliefs can be a life shattering event. But maybe that dissatisfaction with the piano might be a sign of your ego that you do not want to hold on to this image anymore. You are tired of playing this character.

Do Not Settle for Something You Truly Dislike

If you dislike the piano, even if it is your job, consider switching for something else. Maybe there is another activity that will bring hope and a shine to your eyes. Something that will make you want to wake up in the morning with enthusiasm and joy.

Having Set Goals May Increase Motivation

Well if you have gotten this far in the article and still hasn’t gotten your answers, then it might be time for you to consider ways of increasing motivation, because there is a chance you still love the piano.

Organization Can Make or Save a Passion

To write on this website, I need to create a proper structure for doing it everything, from the most basic to writing a full article.

Without organization, Neohabits would not be half what it is today. Organization include goals, measuring progress to see if I am slacking or not, and managing expectations.

Piano playing is not that different, you need the same set of skills to be consistent.

Doing Meaningful Progress Feels Satisfying

There is something that is crucial to any person, the sense of progress. No person has ever lived a truly happy life without grinding tremendously to achieve an outcome. You are no different.

Realize that progress is not linear, there are setbacks and breakthroughs, but consistency will enable you to be on the positive end of the spectrum.

Maybe You Need to Get Good to Enjoy it

Being an awful piano player is okay if you are a beginner, but staying there for too long can rapidly kill your passion for piano.

We Can Learn to Love Many Crafts in Life

I am a big believer that we are not born to do something specific. We create our own purposes instead of finding them. Becoming good at something makes us feel special, which then leads to increased motivation to do it again. Do that many times and there is your passion.

Quit Piano for a While

Piano is a really beautiful instrument played by outstanding minds over the centuries, but you may have had enough with it, for now.

Play the Piano Because You Love it

Let yourself miss the piano for a while, sometimes piano can be like a good movie, you need to forget how good it was in order to rekindle the fire to see it again.

If you do not enjoy playing anymore, it does not mean that your love for piano is dead, maybe it is only smothered by the obligation of having to do it too much.

Time is Limited

You only have a brief time to live on this earth. Stop spending your precious time doing things you hate. The world is a vast place that can accommodate even the most demanding requests of people in their quest for enjoyment. Take advantage of life and let yourself express your character however you want, with piano or not.

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