Should I Leave School for a Relationship?

What is More Important, to You?

Everybody nowadays is very keen on saying, “choose the safer option”, but life is made of choices, and sometimes we find ourselves in very harsh situations, if you are in this situation, stick until the end.

I Can Say from Experience that People Leave Stronger Marks

Memories of those who meant the world to you will aways be imprinted on your mind, no matter how much time passes, time can fade many memories, but it cannot erase people that mattered to you.

Education on the other hand is a much less impactful experience, feeling wise.

Education is Indeed the Higher Chance of Success Choice

We all define success in a different way, but in the common sense way, gratuation will ensure that you will not be stuck at low wage jobs, at least not forever.

Pain Will Be There for Both Choices

You will have to choose your pain here.

Leaving College Behind Will Impact the Rest of Your Life

Do you want live below your means, or live a life where you cannot strive too high because of your education limitations?

Of course not.

Doing something you absolutely don’t want to do causes resentment, so if you go with the leave college option, make sure you don’t blame your partner for it, because it was ultimately, your choice.

Leaving Someone You Love Could Turn You into an Empty Shell

You got your pretty college diploma, but now the person you cared for the most in your life is no longer with you, instead, they moved on and are with someone else.

Can you withstand that?

Think about this person that shared a collection of very important and dear moments with you, now imagine them with someone else, because that’s what will happen.

In the case you decide to leave the one you love for college, accept this reality and don’t look back.

Whatever You Choose, Make Your Choices the Right Ones

As you can see, every choice will inevitable yield a very hard consequence, but your responsibilty is to make the most of whatever you choose, that way you can alleviate the burdens of your choice.

If You Choose to Be with Your Loved One

If You Choose to be with the person you love, then, make that become the best choice, since you will not be focusing on studies, find ways to make a better income so you both can enjoy a better lifestyle, open a business, be resourceful.

When School is More important

At the case of you hitting the school instead of choosing your beloved one, then work your *** off, don’t waste time, make the most out of your education, become successful at any cost, because if you don’t, you will always have a lingering “what if I was still with my love”, and it all be for nothing.

I Wouldn’t Do It Unless That Person Was the One

Maybe that girl is awesome, smoking hot, smart, funny, share the same interests with you, but, you are faced with this choice because of external factors outside your control, what should you do then?

Do Not Ditch College for a Girl Because She Seems the One

College is a very important part of your life, that can shape your future completely, if you don’t give it enough importance, the consequences to your life can be huge, so do not ever make an emotional choice that will lead to resentment and bitterness down the road, be smart, sometimes our heart is foolish because it cannot think things through, but you can.

A Great Way to Gauge if It’s Love

Can You honestly say that you would want to spend the rest of your life with this girl and no one else and would you be happy?

If the answer is yes, then you probably are in love, as it is a very intense question, but if the answer is a no, then choose the safer option, because you are not losing a love anyway.

Relationships End, Your Education is Lifelong

That’s a very strong point towards choosing education over any kind of relationship, and that is that relationships can go to *** pretty fast, your education is lifelong.

A Relationship Can Go South for Infinite Reasons

You can be madly in love with your SO, but anything can happen, humans are unpredictable, maybe your partner find someone else attractive and decide to cheat on you, or maybe they judge you not to be worthy of being with them anymore, and they ditch you, that happens, love isn’t equal beetwen the parts like romantic movies convey.

A College Deegre Will Always Be There for You

It doesn’t matter if you get your college degree in your twenties, when you’re sixty, the college deegre is still yours, and that is something valuable, also, you can proudly say, I am a knowledgeable professional of the area that I love.

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