Should I Quit Gaming Forever?

Quitting is Easier than Moderation

Have you tried moderation while gaming?

If you did, how did things go for you?

Let us know in the comments, any thoughts on this issue by fellow gamers is appreciated.

My Personal Story with Quitting Gaming

My personal story of quitting is very sad, because I was aware of the dangers that gaming was causing me, and even then I couldn’t quit, I was associating my own self worth to my gaming rank and I couldn’t stop playing, chasing that rank endlessly, and I did not achieve it, I thought that not achieving that rank would crush me, but now that I stopped, what actually crushes me is looking back and seeing all that precious time gone. Looking back now, that seems ridiculous, but I remember how real it felt on my skin at that time.

Moderation is a Losing Game Most of the Time

I absolutely hate those people that are a rare kind of breed on earth, the ones that can moderate, I estimate those who love gaming and can stop whenever they want or at the time they set for themselves are in the 1 to 5%.

Even if you moderate, I bet that you will have to put a lot of effort into making It happen consistently, and most of your thoughts are still going to revolve around gaming on a day-to-day basis, so you are kinda still losing here.

If Decide to Give It Another go, Make a Gaming Journal

A Journal will enable you to sort through your failures and successes on an objective way, to that you can finally see things with a clear vision.

What’s Truly Sad in Life is Failure without Learning

This happened to me a lot, and I could only see that my life was absolutely crushed was when I decided to keep a gaming journal, that eventually led me to see what the heck was happening to myself and to my life.

A Gaming Journal Will Tell You How Many Times You fAIL

Okay, I think I am going to game 1 hour today before bed …

3 hours has passed and I am in front of the TV holding the controller or the pc gear like a crack cocaine addict.

I failed, now let me make a detailed page of why that happened, when it happened and how can I prevent it in the future, that’s how you evolve your behaviour into what you want, eventually you will have a stack of pages telling you if moderation is possible for you or not.

The Benefits of Quitting Forever

You know that little devil that sits in the back of our minds, urging us to play one more match, to get that sweet juicy rank, or whatever excuse it uses to get it’s gaming time?

That will always be there, but the more time you abstain from gaming, the longer it will stay small.

Quitting Completely Gives You Bright Lines

How will you know when you have played too much?

That answer is very simple if you decided to quit completely, because now the rules are clear. If you have played video games for one second, you broke your rule, that’s make things crystal clear and with clear vision is easier to act.

Moderation is a blurry line, often, the flexibility is ever increasing, but just on one side of the equation, and you know which one it is: the one you play one more match, one more minute, one more until you are empty and depressed wondering how did you wasted so much time.

Quitting Will Leave Time for EVERYTHING ELSE

I know we do not have to be productive all the time, but if you could do something good, that would help you and make you feel good at the same time, wouldn’t you do it?

In the end, the ROI of gaming is extremely low, you only get that momentaneous satisfaction and that’s it.

So by quitting games 100%, you will have to spend time doing other activities, that’s when productive hobbies emergy and you get a slight edge in life.

Does the Urge to Play Videogames Ever Go Away?

I can say for myself and on behalf of many others, HELL NO, not completely in any amount of time, because games are fun, too fun.

Because Games Are Too Fun

Netflix, exercising, going out?

To me, none of those things did beat an exciting match because I was hooked, so hooked that all external factors outside game sounded boring to me, I truly didn’t want to do anything in life, just play videogames, that’s how fun playing is for some people

Competition from Gaming Won’t Leave Our Memories So Soon

That epic moment where you did an insane play, or that moment where you achieved something in-game, that is valuable to our brains, games emulates success because game companies know we crave it, and those moments become valuable, because of this, our minds will hold on to those moments for very long.

When Should I Go Back to Gaming

Going back to gaming is always a risk, but if you decide to do so, then there are some pilars that should be well cleared before commiting to this.

Now That is a Trycky Question

It’s all in your head basically, will you try this in a light or serious way, because i strongly believe that you should be taking this matter very seriously.

Chances are that if you are reading this, you may be in a very dark place right now, so imagine yourself getting out of this hole, build a strong relationship, getting a good job, making life great again, do you know gaming isn’t going to ruin it all again?

Are You Desperately Craving Gaming?

As controversial as it is, you should go back to gaming when you don’t want it so much, when you can game and forget it, compartmentalize out of your life, gaming, as everything serves a very specific function in your life, decide that it is a healthy one, fullfil it and leave it.

What You Are Reading Only Exists Because I Quit Gaming

Honestly, my writing sucks, I am not the smartest or more talend person in earth, I fail a lot, make mistakes and cry just like everybody else, but at least at the of the day I can prodly say that I tried

I Made a Youtube Channel and 5 Videos, Gained 21 Subscribers

After I quit gaming, I created an animation channel, learned a bunch of blender stuff, I even made an article about it and produced five youtube videos.

This Blog Was Created and I Produced More than 30 Articles Already

Quittin games enabled me to have lots of time available, and this blog is only possible because I made that decision back then.

Starting something new is scary, I know it, been there, done that. To occupate life with what will truly produce lasting changes, sometimes we have to give up the things that produce immediate gratification and sorrow later.

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