Should I Run After a Migraine?

Avoid Engaging in Physical Activities After a Recent Migraine

Exercising with a migraine is bad for your body, you should not strain your body on such a level, because as a result, exercising with migraines can make them worse.

Exercising After Having Migraines Can Make It Worse

You need to wait a little before you can exercise again. In my case, I can only exercise after having slept if I had a migraine. The period of which a person cannot exercise after experiencing a migraine varies from person to person, but I would say that you should wait at least 12 hours, even more depending on the migraine intensity.

Proper Exercise Helps with Migraine Prevention

Take advantage of the periods that you find yourself migraine free. Exercising when you are pain free is important as it can keep the migraine triggers away.

Exercise relieves stress and makes the body produce feel good hormones, all of which can contribute to keep migraines at bay.

Take preference for exercises that won’t jostle your body too much as those can be migraine triggers.

The Feel Good Hormone Shower that Exercise Provides

Did you know that exercising has proven itself to be more effective than antidepressant drugs?

Endorphins Release Can Combat Stress

By exercising you are taking advantage of many positive biological reactions that takes place in your body. One of the most powerful chemical your body produces when you exercise is endorphins.

Endorphins provides many benefits to the body including:

  • Alleviated depression
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced stress

That is why exercise is so good at keeping the migraines away, with so many benefits your body will be running more efficiently and optimally.

Enkephalins Are Body’s Natural Painkillers

One hormone many people did not know about are enkephalins, those hormones have massive potential in reducing pain, they are our body natural painkillers.

What enkephalins does is inhibit pain by reacting with our nerve endings. That is another big reason for you not to avoid exercising because you have a migraine problem.

Pay Attention to How You Start and End

You need to realise that when going from a relaxed state, to another where you are pushing your body to its maximum capacities, your body will ask for buffers, especially if you suffer from migraines.

Warming Up Aids in Avoid Migraine

Warm up always, because jumping right into your exercising load may trigger a migraine, try doing atleast 5 minutes of light exercising before you do any stenuous exercise.

If you are going to run, then walk a little bit first. On a day that you will be lifting, stretch your body and get some activity done before jumping in the workout

Cool Downs Are Important

Give your body a cool down after you finish, do not end it all at once as that can also be dangerous to your body. Remember that your heart is pumping way waster than usual when you are about to finish a workout session, so you need to act accordingly and ease your way into resting mode.

Cooling down effectively also has major benefits such as eliminating a little bit of post exercise muscle soreness.

How Can Exercise Trigger Migraines?

When push ourselfs to extremes, we have to be careful not to cross the line where improvement and damage starts to blurry.

Extreme Workout Sessions

Sometimes we want to change our whole life at once and have the fastest results. That is the wrong approach, no matter how hard you try, trying to change everything at once has proven to be ineffective over and over again.

When you jump into stenuous exercise routines and diets, you will suffer great mental pressure and only that psychological aspect can inflict you with severe migraines.

Lack of Body Nourishment Prior to Exercise

A key migraine trigger is running without giving your body enough energy before it even starts. So the secret is to always eat prior to exercising which will lead us to to next point.

Do Not Exercise on an Empty Stomach

Running low on sugars has a direct correlation with an increased migraine

Eat Lightly to Prevent Migraines

Eat a light meal always, having something too heavy before running will impact your performance and cause discomfort, which will lead to stress, a key migraine trigger. With that said, it is better to enjoy a lighter meal for the associated benefits like reduced weight gain and a better running performance.

Eat Atleast One Hour Earlier

The ideal time to eat before running is around one hour. What you decide to eat is also very important, the best things are the ones that will be light on your stomach, both in size and composition.

We are talking about some small meals such as boiled eggs and a toast, or some yogurt with fruits.

Sometimes all we need is a little noushriment to prevent those pesky migraines.

Body Signals that Can Help Identify If a Migraine Might Be Coming

Your body is your temple, when we populate our temple with bad people, our temple starts to crumble, and if we do not take the time to repair the damage that has been done, eventually the whole temple will collapse.

Pay Close Attention to What Your Body Tries to Tell You

Your body knows what it needs to operate in optimal conditions, when something is wrong, it will find a way to signal it, the trick here is that most people ignore them, and that is very dangerous. A simple tip, but too often overlooked is to stop when the first sign that something bad is about to happen appears, things like pain or odd sensations.

Be Gentle with Your Body

Everyone is different, some people can make herculean efforts and be fine at the end of the day. I for example, have a friend that does not need to ANYTHING before playing basktball for hours on end. When I try to do something similar, disasterous stuff happens, things such as collapsing on the ground and needing immediate help.

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