The Best App to Control PC from Phone to Watch Movies


We Have Tested All Remote PC Control Apps

If the remote PC control app is out there, then we have already tested it. There is a cross platform app that won by far. Being smooth enough to be a daily driver and having multiple functionalities that are really useful to the final user is what sealed the deal.

The Victorious One is …

Remote Mouse. This is arguably one of the apps I use the most at home. This is because I love watching anime and netflix at night along with my girlfriend and we use the computer to stream our shows.

Remote Mouse Features Are Awesome

Do you want to move the computer mouse or type while being in bed?


Forgot the batteries of your TV remote control and want to adjust volume by pressing your cellphone volume buttons?


Want big playback buttons that work with almost all media player softwares?

Big fat check.

There are more, but to me those are the fundamental

How to Install Remote Mouse on Your Computer?

This is also a great feature of Remote Mouse; its ease of use is tremendously convenient, installing it usually takes less than 2 minutes.

Download the Remote Mouse App on Your Phone

Go to android or apple store and simply download Remote Mouse, it is very lightweight also, so you do not have to mind about it taking up too much space on your cellphone.

Install the Lightweight Remote Mouse Server on Your PC

After you installed the remote mouse app on your phone, you need to install the remote mouse software on your computer, so they can communicate over your network. Make sure both the computer and phone are on the same network.

How Remote Mouse Changed My Life for the Better

I am a very practical guy, remote mouse solved a pratical problem I had, that is why I am very fond of it.

Remote Mouse Instantly Solved Some Arguments in My Relationship

This is embarassing, but me and my girlfriend would argue about the silliest things, like who was going to change the episode of the show we were watching. That happened because we needed to get up and change it, and getting out of a comfy warm bed to do it was a little infuriating, to say the least.

Good news is that we have now been using remote mouse for more than 5 years, which enabled our lazy buns to stay comfortable.

Saved Me Money and Space from Wireless Gear

When I was having those silly arguments with my girlfriend, I thought of multiple solutions to solve this simple issue, one of them was buying a wireless mouse and keyboard. The problem is that these ocuppy too much space, is kinda expensive and needs additional battery to work. Remote mouse solved all these problems flawlessly without nearly as much hassle.

Remote Mouse Will Replace Even Your TV Remote Control

Remote mouse has a feature that killed other apps, this is the option of using my phone volume buttons to change the computer audio volume. I do not even use a tv remote control anymore. Actually I do not even own cable, I find it a waste of money as I watch most of my shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Paid Version of Remote Mouse is Awesome

Well, the free version of remote mouse comes with many limitations. Unfortunately, you can only use your phone volume buttons to raise and decrease volume on the paid version. There are internet very useful app functionalities while searching the web that are only available with an in-app purchase.

The playback buttons for your media player are also paid resources, as mentioned in the beginning of the article.

VLC Media Player Integration on PC

One pitfall of VLC media player is its small pause button, that is why sometimes I use media player classic, which can be paused by clicking anywhere on the movie playback window. But I like VLC more because of its many functionalities. Remote mouse playback buttons solve this problem with a big play/ pause button and other major buttons like volume, fastforward, menu and more.

Remote Mouse is One and Done

I know this seems like a big paid advertisement for remote mouse, but trust me, I wish it were (insert a sad face here). I became a fanboy of remote mouse because of the value it provides me everyday.

You Only Need to Pay Once to Get a Lifetime of Benefits

The software developers are helping you with everyday activities, such as enjoying your movie or show, while you can sit your lazy buns on the couch the entire process. Helping them back at a reasonable price is the least you could do. Consider making in-app purchases atleast on the features that most interest you.

The Free Version is Not that Intrusive with Ads

Although I think the paid version has killer features that are worth the investment, the free version is not bad. It misses most features that I like but still solves the big problem, that is making you stand up and click with the computer peripherals.

Remote Mouse is One of the Apps I Use the Most

Every day after I am done with work, I like to play videogames with my girlfriend a little bit and then watch anime or tv shows with her. Dream girlfriend, I know, dang I love that girl. Remote mouse helps us do those things and be even more confortable.

I use Remote Mouse for Playback of Most Songs and Movies

Almost forgot to mention that listening to songs from far away is also a lot easier. If you have your computer connected to a strong sound system, then you can change songs remotely with remote mouse.

Friendly User Interface

The app is so intuitive that there is almost no learning curve. It is truly a foolprof app. Try it yourself and then comment down below how your experience was like.

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