The Millionaire Fastlane Book Changed My Life

The Millionaire Fastlane Worked Because It Showed Me the Truth

Some books are conerstones in a person’s life, the millionaire fastlane was that book for me. I sincerely woke up with no hope day after day before reading this book. My future was greyed ou in my mind and I was purposeless.

My Wildest Dream is to Be Financially Free

I spend loads of time working on this website, breaking records every week, pushing every day for bigger and bolder results, that is only possible because I have a vision. The millionaire fastlane has placed a little seed in my mind that is growing stronger every time I wake up.

I do not want an easy life where I am spoonfed everything. I truly want to help people. Each article that I write is a piece of my soul that I am giving to whoever reads it. The millionaire fastlane book helped me see that the only way to wealth is by helping people solve their problems.

So my goal is to help the biggest amount of people, but I want to do that differently from the way most people do, which leads to the next point.

Income Cannot Be Chained to Time

Productivity has a very profound impact on me now, everything I do has a reason to be done. This website comes at a very costly resource for me, that resource is time. Now I see productivity as time, the more time you need to produce in order to reach a goal, the less time left you have to live life as you please.

That is why now I am a firm believer of not being chained to a job or a time for money contract, I now trade time for the creation of assets that will then work for me while I sleep.

The Millionaire Fastlane Taught Me to Value Time More than Anything Else

The millionaire fastlane made me fully grasp the concept that rich people are the ones that value their time the most. Poor people on the other hand value things. After you hit your twenties, life will pass by so fast that when you are 40 you will be wondering why you did not take a shot at many things you wish you did.

Stop being an “I wish I did” person.

Become an “I am glad I did” person instead.

Calculate Everything in Time

Every thing can be measured as time, that is even more true when you hold a normal job. That sweet 4k televison with ungodly features that will make your eyes bleed in delight, well that may cost you 250 hours of your life. Is that an okay price for you to pay?

When you start seeing things like that everything starts to become more real, and you can start living life in accordance with your income.

Life is Finite

Life is finite, very finite, you may not realise it, but every single day is so special. Right now there are so many things you are not valueing enough. Simple stuff like your parents still being alive and healthy, maybe a lovely spouse, or even your own situation in life. That is exactly why you need to seize the opportunitys of today, because the same deals you can close today might not be available tomorrow. There can come a time where more responsabilities, more commitments and less time are going to shut a door on what you truly want to do.

The silver lining is to not wait for a time like this to come, if you see something that is worth doing, start doing it now, even if it is not the most optimal plan to execute on.

Creating Assets is My Main Goal Since Reading The Millionaire Fastlane

One of the greatest joy I have in life is seeing the numbers in my business grow when I wake up in the morning, having confirmation that my asset is directly yielding value to people and receiving credit for it is incredible.

I Work on Asset Building So One Day My Assets Will Work for Me

While I am not quite there yet, I work hard day after day. The only driving force that makes me work even though I am not getting the desired results yet is my vision. When you know that you are walking the right path, you can go forward even when things get ugly and discouraging, that is the power of belief on motivation.

Passive Income is Rarely that Passive

Even though passive income is not that passive, but once you have generated an adequate amount of passive income, there will come a time where you can even sell your assets and derive from incomes that are orders of magnitude more passive.

Seeing Results Takes Time and Faith

What is scarier than putting in tons of effort, months or even years of your life into a project and get nothing in return?

Work Through the Beginning

The beginning is always the hardest phase of any project, that is because your knowledge and experience are at their worst. Everybody goes through this phase, but when you get out of this steep curve, results start to show and motivation skyrockets, enabling you to put even more value into your business and maintain progress.

Believe in Your Projects so You Do Not Have to Take the Alternative

People say not to put all your eggs in one basket, but my opinion is that is horse excrement. In fact, I would advise you to always put your eggs in one basket and then take the best care possible of that basket. Live your life as if it depends on your project success, because what is the alternative?

The alternative is to work a meaningless job you hate just to pay the bills, all of that because you have spread yourself too thin.

I Am Honestly Scared of the 9 to 5 Job

How many people you know have gotten rich by working in a regular 9 to 5 job?

I bet not many, that is because that lifestyle is not conducive to wealth and leads to a time strain that is hard to conceive in one’s imagination.

A Normal Job Sucks the Life Out of Me

When I worked for a corporation, they asked everything of me with little in return, climbing the corporate ladder seemed and was like fighting an uphill battle. Even the people that were at the top were not happy, they had so much pressure that it was smothering whatever was left of life in them

Until When Will I Have Enough Drive?

There is an interesting book by Felix Dennis called The Narrow Road, in that book Felix says that if you are over 35 and is not rich yet, then most likely you will never amount to much in terms of riches. Yes, that is an enraging concept that he presents, but as time passes I find that idea more and more believable. As we get older, that drive that lives within us seems more and more like a finite resource that is dwindling away into nothingness.

I Believe Luck is Now on My Side

When I kept all my ideas inside my head, luck was not on my side, there was not anything for luck to even strike, and that leads to one of the most fundamental principles in success:

You do not have to be perfect, you just need to start.

Creating Your Own Luck

The only fighters that win tournaments are the ones in the ring. It is better to be a failure on stage than to be a success in your own mind. By creating something that can be shared worldwide you are leveraging luck. Using technology to ship value on massive quantities instantly you are taking advantage of luck. Luck hardly strikes when a person holds a normal job delivering average value to society.

You Miss a 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

I want to end up this article by stating the importance of trying. Trying only for the sake of trying is depressing. When you give your 120% to something and you fail, then that is valuable, because that is going to hurt, pain is an efficient teacher.

Those moments of pain are valuable lessons, they will teach you what is right and what is wrong. Until we put our project out into the world, our results are just projections, wishful thinking and beliefs, but life has its perfect of way of lapidating failures.

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