What is a Manga Reader Called?

A Mangaka is a Manga Writer, But What is a Manga Reader?

Well, you can scourge all over the web, but the real answer is that there doesn’t exist a specific name for a person who reads manga, but if you are looking to something that will fit the bill, we have plenty of options for you to choose.


This is often used if you want to insult the manga reader, because “weeaboos” usually have a negative connotation towards them as manchilds, obssessive with japanese culture and that often try to showcase their “fake” knowleadge in a very cringy way…

So, to summarize, they are ignorants with little real knowleadge about japanese culture and language, who pictures themselves as otakus.


An Otaku is simply a person who loves anime although the japanese definition states that an Otaku is:

“An individual who likes a specific thing more than the casual observer”

So calling someone an Otaku is cool, but if you want to piss them off, you already know the answer


What does the word manga mean after all?

Man – Rambling, aimless | Ga – Picture

A Mangaphile is a Cool Way to Call a Manga/Anime Lover

You already know what the word manga represents, but what does the “phile” suffix represent?

The suffix phile is one used to represent love or attraction, so by calling them a Mangaphile, you are essentially calling them a manga lover.

Oni-Chan or Onee-san

Perhaps you have a goofy humor like I do, well, in this case, you can call that person by Oni-Chan or Onee-san

That’s a Lovely Goofy Way to Call a Fellow Manga Enjoyer

Oni-Chan means brother, Onee-san means sister, so you can use them up just like you would say hey brother or hey sister.

Don’t Overuse or You Will End Up a Weeaboo

At the beggining of this article we described what a weeaboo is, I think you don’t want to become a hated stereotype that is annoying and cringy, so know when to use it as a comic relief and when to not use it at all.

Their Own Name

You do not have to define a person by their cultural tastes, right?

Baka, Konoyaro, AHO

Sometimes we just really want to insult some people, if they are otakus, you can insult them in japanese, and no one around you will even understand.

A Person of Culture

Simply because you admire your fellow manga reader

A Hater of Mainstream Cartoon

Sometimes that person simply despise all types of cartoons that aren’t manga or anime, so we call them that.

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