Why Are You Losing Your Mind Over a Rank in A Game?

Huge Time Investment Tossed in the Trash When Losing a Ranked Game

A ranked game can be very stressful. I have been playing play League of Legends were more than six years now, the community is toxic, the matches are long, not to mention that players disconnect, troll and rage. All of that can be very discouraging.

Team Oriented Games Will be a Test of Patience in Ranked Ladder

Yeah, if you play off duty I think it’s fairly better in terms of not losing your mind over a rank. That is because as much is it is team-based game, but is most focused on the individual.

When you have a team reliant game, everything is possible. You can have a truly talented player on your team which will make winning the match a breeze. Downside is that you can also have a newbie, a troll or an AFK, you name it.

Game Length Feels Like Wasted Time When You Lose

This is a big reason that proves how ranked games are stressful. When you lose, that can be irritating. Well that is the case because you just lost a little chunk time in your life.

You did not only lose the match; it was actually a double loss. Your lost comes on a cost that represents lost time and rank. Now you have to win two games to remain positive on your ranked games for the day and that is frustrating.

Dealing with Toxic Players Over the Ranked Ladder

One of the defining factors of losing your mind over whatever game you play, is dealing with other players, whether they are on your team or the enemy team.

Nobody Wants to Think that They Are Wrong

Realize that nobody wants to think that they are wrong, yourself included. What can you do with this realization?

You can turn off in-game chat because. Communicating with players in any game is a window to overwhelming stress. The match outcome and your mind will greatly appreciate your effort to not engage in the game chat.

Toxic Chat Will Steer Your Mind to a Dark Place

Do not engage in the in-game chat, especially if it is a cross team chat. You might have the ability of ignoring the other team, but your teammates may not have that quirk.

Your teammates might start inting, flaming and ruining the game experience, which is not something you have to partake in. Know that there is always the next to game. By letting this game ruin your mental state, you might get a losing streak as a result of being emotionally unstable.

Everyone Starts Tilting in a Chain Reaction

If one ally loses his mind, most of the time the game is done. This loss happens because the tilted teammate will start to tilt his allies, causing a chain reaction of madness.

The Tilting Chain Reaction

Well, let’s say you did something wrong in the game, then somebody trashed talked you, you got mad and talked trash back. The result?

There are two mad people in your team, instead of one start trash situation will cause the rest of the team starts to engage in the trash talking behavior. When the game ends, everybody on your team is deeply enraged by the situation and the loss that it potentially caused.

Break the Chain and Accept the Facts

If somebody talk trash to you, just accept it. Maybe you really didn’t commit a mistake, or you did, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you going to do from this point on in the game.

Will you ignore that rager or will you get sucked in his mindset?

You need to choose. You know what action will lead to a better game and experience and overall.

Games Becomes More Unpredictable as Rank Drops

Yes, the lower the rank, the more people you will find with unstable mindsets. That mindset might be the very thing that got them there in the first place.

Nobody Knows What Could Happen in a Low Rank Game

Nobody knows what will happen, it is a clown fiesta. I played many ranked games in my life and the games that were lower rank certainly were the worst in terms of consistency.

You need to accept that you are going to be the only constant in that game and work with it. Things gets better while you climb.

Playing Fundamentals and Knowledge Starts to Disappear

People starts to ignore the fundamentals, at least in the league of legends. You see midlaners with very low CS, people ignoring dragons and barons free for the taking.

It is utterly ugly, but there is a positive point in this. If you are consistently playing good you can carry yourself out of low rank.

Realize that Everyone Goes Through this in Ranked Games

You are not the only person dealing with this sort of thing. Everything in this life it’s a matter of coping. Life will throw a bunch of things at you, but you need to take it and move on.

Almost All of Us Have Gotten Mad After Playing in a Ranked System

Realize that you are not alone. Every single person that plays ranked games gets mad at some point, but a lot of them do not develop anger problems because of it. They deal with it in a positive way.

Too Much Pressure for Little to No Results

Realize that gaming is not your life. This is key to not tilting. By putting everything you have into game you are essentially committing your whole life to it. Do not do this because it will put an extra pressure on your shoulders. Any mistakes you make you are instantly going to feel bad because gaming is too personal for you now. You need to develop other interests.

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