Why Do I type So Slowly Even Though I Type All Day?

It Depends on What You Are Writing

What you are typing influences your typing speed, it’s tremndously harder to write a scientific citation on ocean planktons than it is to write about something simple like a biography or a simple essay.

Do Not Beat Yourself Up if You Are a Coder

Let’s say you are a coder for example, it’s very arguable that there has to be a solid logical base behind every line that you are going to write, so in this case, what is more important, the speed of which you write or your skill to think logically as fast as possible?

The Speed of Your Thoughts Influence Your Typing Speed

With all that being said, familiarity with the subject and scope of words you are dealing with greatly influences your average typing speed.

Practice Blind Typing

Blind typing, aka typing whitout looking at the keyboard will further boost your productivity, because you will then be able to focus solely on your thought process while negleting the mechanical aspects of typing.

Bling Typing Allows You to Not Switch Context

The greatest benefit of blind typing is that it allows for a writing sesion where you don’t need to switch context between looking on the keyboard and the screen every single time, and that will contribute for a smoother writing session. Over time you will know by touch that you typed something wrong.

Blank Keys Keyboard Are Your Friend

The best purchase you can make when blind typing is to acquire a blank keys keyboard, I am not going to recommend you one because that is not the point of this article, but the letters printed on your keyboard are meant to guide you in faster recognition, but as you already now know, it is better to skip this step altogether.

You “Trained” A Poor Technique

No wonder you don’t type fast, you probably use 2 fingers at each hand to type, and this is causing you to type as fast as a grandma. To be able to type faster, you need to take full potential of your 10 fingers.

Use Online Typing Games to Ramp Up Your Learning Curve

Type Racer

Type Racer is a fun online game where you can take advantage of your competitive edges to boost your writing speed skills.

All you have to do is enter on the website play.typeracer.com and play as a guest to check your real typing speed

Your Keyboard May Be Slowing You Down

Use a Light Keyboard for Faster Typing

Lighter keyboards will allow for faster typing. I would recommend going for something around 80 ~90 grams.

At the End of the Day, it is All About Results

If your boss (or yourself) care about how fast you are able to type, he is a dumb***, at the end of the day, everything that matters is results, have you been able to deliver the desired results?

If the answer is yes, then I bet no one will care if you typed it with one finger in each hand, results are the greatest indicator and ultimately, the only thing that matter.

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