Why Eating Less Everyday Sucks

Giving Up Pleasure Really Sucks

There is no denying it, giving up stuff we love hurts, especially when it comes to eating, because It is a biological need.

Expect the Beginning to Be Painful

Expect to be very grumpy in the beginning, your patience will slip through your fingers. You will become easily irritable and hard to approach. Embrace all that and move forward. You are reading this article because you want to lose weight and change your life, so hang on there.

You Will Not Win Against Food if You Cannot Win the Battle Against Your Own Mind

For as much hard as it seems, it is all in your mind. How you react to external stimulus is the decisive point on wheter you will succeed or fail with controlling your weight. You need to focus on the outcome, always look fiercely on the prize, remembering why are you doing this.

Some Fast Tips You Can Implement Today

Although eating less is inherently mind boggling, you do not need to suffer nearly as much, provided you have the right with knowledge on your side

Water is Your Best Friend When Trying to Eat Less Everyday

Drink water, lots of it, do not be cheap with your water intake. Water is almost free and will regulate your nutrients balance, unbloat you and its vital to every cell process. Water will greatly help lessen your hunger because it will fill up your stomach space. Volume occupied in the stomach is a key factor your body uses to determine if its hungry or not.

Use Smaller Plates to Trick Your Brain

A mental trick you can use is to use smaller plates. It really works, you load your plate, causing a sensation of massive quantities, when in reality you are eating a regular quantity on a normal sized plate.

You Will Eventually Get Used to Eating Less Everyday

Sometime in the future, your feeling of helplessness will go away. Your body will adapt to your new eating habits and you will feel better overall.

Give Your Body Time to Adjust itself

Your whole physiology starts to change when you eat less. This is relevant because as your body tries to cope with the reduced food intake, your stomach shrinks.

A smaller stomach means less food is needed to provide a sensation of saciety. This is the magic of time compounded with patience can have on your body.

It is Very Hard to Eat Too Much of the Right Foods

Stick to the basics:

  • Comples carbohydrates;
  • Lean meats;
  • Lots of vegetables;
  • Fruits;
  • Go nuts with spices to heighten the natural taste of foods;

All these categories of foods will provide saciety while being moderate on calories, thus aiding your weight loss progress.

Get Enthusiastic About Food Logging

If you are not able to clearly see what you ate in a given day, you the heck will you change your diet. What is not logged is forgotten, what is measured is improved.

Start a Food Journal TODAY!

Start a food journal to notice instant benefits on your diet like:

  • Increased awareness on food intake;
  • Smaller consumption of food;
  • Guilt associated with overeating;
  • Correcting life long unhealthy eating habits;

All of these are real benefits you can experience today just by start a food journal. A food journal will make you reflect on your choices with a deeper understanding of your behaviours.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

This is a massive game changer for people that are trying to lose weight. Batching is everything. Preaparing food ahead of time will remove the excuses of the day to day life. Foolish excuses like:

  • I do not have the time to cook healthy
  • I am tired right now so I will just order food

These excuses will no longer be valid, and throwing the work of the meals you prepared in advance just feels wrong.

Eating Lots of Food is a Hard Habit to Break

Eating lots of food Is addicting. Like almost all addictions, too much of a thing can destroy opportunities, marriages and time that could be enjoyed.

Treat Your Overeating Habit with the Proper Importance

It all starts with a firm commitment to take your overeating seriously. When you take matters lightly, boundaries become easily surpassable, making excuses and negative behavior likely.

Commit for at Least 3 Weeks of Changing and then Evaluate

Saying you will change your whole eating habits forever seems like a nightmare. You needto chunk it down in manageable pieces. Start by saying:

-I am going to eat healthy for 3 weeks and evaluate from there.

This is a much healthier way of approaching the problem and will yield far better results.

Switch Your Diet When Eating Less Everyday

Something as simples as switching your diet and mindset about food in general can have a tremendous impact on your diet.

Many People Have Plenty Success with Keto When Trying to Eat Less Everyday

Keto is a diet that is focused on ingesting fats and proteins instead of carbs. The gimmick here is that overtime your body will make a switch in terms of energy preferences. Right now your body runs best on carbs, but when you start keto, your body will have to use fat for energy. When this happens for enough times, your body will be deeply acquainted with ketogenesis and you will no longer feel so much hunger as fats burn slowlier than carbs.

Focus on Increasing Your Resistance to Discomfort

Meditation is a great way to do this, I want you to try sitting alone for 10 minutes, without doing anything, just observe your thoughts.

I assure you it is going to be one of the most painful and eye opening experiences you will ever have. The truth is that we are accostumed with being hyperactive, doing everything at the same time with little discomfort.

Be wary of your comfort zone, being there will drastically impair your opportunities in life.

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