Why I Do Not Like Exercising Outdoor

Wasted Time Chatting with Other People

A lot of times, there is already too much in our plates. Things like job, romantic relationships, friends, cooking and personal hobbies takes up all of our time. Add that to the time you end up talking to people at the gym and your days will be gone at flick of a switch.

I Enjoy the Idea that One Should Focus on Only One Thing at a Time

Working out alone means that I can focus on my internal drive. I can listen to a motivational audio or think things through, sort my thoughts so I feel more organized. Also, working out alone means that I can give a 100% focus on this set, and then the next.

There is a Life Outside Working Out

I like to believe that exercising is a fundamental part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is not the only one. Show me a person that has time for 3-hour gym sessions and I will show you someone who lives a life that is lacking in some aspect.

Freedom to Be as Weird as You Want

One thing I love when I work out alone is the opportunity to be weird, makes mistakes and take the same out of the equation.

Nobody Will Care if I am Being Gross

Something I value a lot when I work out alone. Nobody will care if I did not shower at the time, or if I let out a humongous fart that could kill a small village. This is freedom to be myself. All of this not to mention that I can eat post-workout meals instantly by being at home, it is so much convenient.

Opportunity for a Judgement Free Workout

I read a lot of books about habit formation and human behaviour in general, so one thing I really understand is the difficulty to maintain an exercising habit.

Too many people use New Years Evening as a sort of fresh start, but it rarely works long term. The truth is that when the habit is too hard or imcompatible with you, your odds of success are tiny.

Commute Time is Zero

Guess how mich I need in order to get to my home gym?

HAHA, exactly, 30 seconds. Now get in your lambo and let’s compete who starts exercising earlier.

Commute Time Makes Me Feel that Life is Slowly Slipping Through My Fingers

Some people love driving, I hate it, and here is why;

Driving somewhere feels like wasted time, nothing truly productive is happening. This is another reason that I hate working for a company, the commute just takes another slice out of my limited time on earth.

Working Out at Home is Comfy

What is better than working out in comfortable clothes, hearing your own sound collection rather than that gym garbage radio.

Concentration is Easier to Manage

There is no saying hi to the receptionist, no need to change clothes or follow a complicated workout. Also there is no nagging personal trainer to make you feel guilty for underperforming.

Nobody is There to Disrupt the Workouts

This is the best part. Maybe you like the social aspect of things, but I am a practical person. I have already found friends I like, a girlfriend I love and on top of that, I have a nice relationship with my family.

What the heck would I want with any of these people?

My goal in the gym is to exercise, if I can get similar results at home, then that is the place I will exercise.

The Only Person You Have to Beat is Your Yesterday Self

I like to research at home workouts and making my own progress sheets with percentages and accurate data (YEAH, I am a geek). Being able to work with what I have and achieve results is something I always strive to

I Can Watch TV While Working Out at Home

I love watching anime, I watched the entire Made in Abbyss series while watching television and it was awesome.

Sometimes I Watch a Bunch of TV Shows While Exercising Indoors

There is this exercise called marching in place, this exercise alows me to just put some movement in my day when I am really lazy. I am firm believer in small increments to get big results overtime, and this is no difference. Marching in place feels like a treadmill but it is free and enables me the choice to watch Netflix and Anime while doing it.

Freedom to Choose the Playlist

You cannot do that when in a gym, period. When my motivation levels are tanked out, a strategy I like to employ is listening to motivational speeches of the greatest. Sometimes I get a life changing idea that ramps up my whole game.

Some Cons I Face Working Out at Home

While there are awesome pros in workout out indoors, everything has negatives, to me it comes down to less equipment and motivation.

Motivation is Harder to Cultivate at Home

If you find a gym buddy, then you can evolve that friendship into an accountabilty partner. Having someone that is waiting for you at the gym can change your behaviour massively, especially if you are the type of person that does not like to let others down.

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