Why I Hate Remote Learning?

I Personally Despise Remote Learning

I personally think I have never had a worse semester than this one. This semester, well I can say that my true nature of discipline showed up. Without an accountability net readily available for me, there is little chance that I will be studying hard.

The Teacher Does NOT Know What Students Are Doing

Depending on the school method of teaching, remotely, the teacher cannot know what the student is doing. If leaving the cameras turned on is not a requirement (which is my case), the student is free to choose whether or not he will the watch class.

I am taking mechatronics engineering degree in college and doing all that through remote learning has been a hassle. Honestly, I am hating it, because here at home I have so many options. I can watch TV, play video games, activities that are extremely more satisfying than studying, at least for me.

My Fear is that Things Will Continue Remotely After It Ends

Now that things have gone so far with remote teaching, there is a high chance that most schools will keep some form of continuity to this model. To be fair, with my level of discipline, there is a solid chance that I will fail college in the future.

Even though I know that I will make it work out in the end, but I sincerely doubt that I will be the best engineer that I could be, all because of remote learning.

It is Not the Teacher’s Fault

Something that should be set on table first:

It is not the teacher’s fault;

it is primarily the students fault it’s not the teacher’s responsibility to motivate the student to accomplish the homework or pay attention to class, they’re just doing their work, which is also not easy without the social interaction.

Teachers Are Not Responsible for Managing Students Discipline

Realize that teachers are not responsible for managing students discipline. To me, that is where the key problem lies. By being in class, there is no overwhelming distractions, you are in a world that was built specifically to study. That physical location also limits your distractions by putting you in a social bubble that is focused towards a study environment.

Many of the Students NEED that Structure to Get Results

I can say for myself that I need that structure. I need to being a physical place that is designed to study. A place where you can ask questions to the teacher directly without feeling embarrassment because the classes is being recorded.

I am going to say something on the microphone that literally everyone will hear, and not only that, when I am in a physical class, I can ask friends for help with any problems on the subject at hand.

Lack of Social Interaction

While this is a not a big problem. Social interaction is not only needed because it’s good for your mental health, it is good because you are going to be sitting with likeminded peers which can help you solve problems in class while providing motivation.

Everyone Will Know What You Are Struggling with

Whenever you ask something, everybody will know what you’re struggling with. Sometimes you need some privacy, asking questions after or before class, unfortunately, is no longer possible.

Lack of Knowledge Being Exchanged Between Peers

At least in engineering classes, there are very complicated subjects. Having a group of friends that are on the same boat that I am make things easier because we complement each other’s knowledge, most of the time.

The Remote Learning System Has Too Many Holes

There’s too many things that fails to be accomplished with remote learning, one of them is a big barrier to enter a school mindset. The flexibilities provided in this system hardly works for everyone.

Remote Learning Makes It Hard to Get into a School Mindset

Remote learning is hell when trying to getting in a school mindset. How will I do that consistently if I am in my pajamas with video games readily available right here on my computer?

Being Too Flexible Hardly Works for Everyone

The flexibility it’s a gift for some, but for others it is a destroyer. Unfortunately, remote learning kills me desire to learn. Also, not everything can be taught remotely, so also I feel like I am not getting the best knowledge out there.

Remote Learning Lacks Commitment Structure

In my case, what proves that I was in class is a Microsoft teams log and a call roll. That means that I can essentially do nothing all class and answer the roll when the classes end.

Lack of Practical Classes to Integrate Theory Learning

The absence of practical classes is a big disadvantage of remote learning. In fact, my engineering program demands practical classes. Things like programming on microprocessors, making all the electrical connections, toying with motors and engines are all essential practical knowledge that are currently missing.

Compromised Learning on Things that Does Not Interest You

Watching a class that you already like is hard, but when it is a class that you absolutely despise, that is when things start to get dirty.

With all this flexibility, you can essentially do the bare minimum and there won’t be any instant consequences. You will only face hardship when you need that knowledge further down the road and you do not have it.

Your Home Computer is a Terrible Learning Environment

I just want to end this article by saying that a home computer is a terrible learning environment. There are literally 1 million things you can do on your computer besides study. Your teacher has no way to know if you truly learning or not.

The Truth is that Many of Us Ignore Classes

Ignoring classes is a breeze, now that the environment has enabled us to do so. Watching the classes are a big hassle now, most of us will only do the bare minimum. Re-watching only the crucial parts of classes is what most students do nowadays to get through the course.

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