Why is Life So Hard for New Graduates?

There is an Increased Pressure for New Graduates

Being a sutdent comes with many benefits. The only things teacher, peers and parents expect of you is a great academic performance, and that is within your reach through hard work and dedication. The situations really change after your academic phase comes to an end.

How Will We Pay Off All that Debt?

This is one of the struggles of many new graduates, how the heck will I even pay my mountain of debt?

This is tricky, because this mental pressure will put even more weight towards the failure of a recent graduate. Being overwhelmed with too much stress may cause the new graduate to hide himself in instant gratifications activies such as partying, gaming and not leaving the house to look for job oportunities.

Mistakes Have Real Consequences Now

Even if you get a job, you are not there to learn anymore. Companies will demand you to meet deadlines, report what you do, give seminars and much more.

True adult life is filled with responsabilities. Life will not only deal tough blows though, by being able to meet your job requests and becoming a good employee, there is a good chance of being awarded with higher pay and get promoted.

Getting Out of Your Parent’s Wings

Your parents already have done all they can, now it is up to you. A number of new graduates have to find their own place to live, thus increasing pressure with a big pile of bills on top of academic tuition.

You Lose All the Privileges that Comes with Being a Student

Now that you are an adult, you might be thinking that you have more freedom, but that is seldom the case. Actually, you might be more trapped now. Money is not exactly freeing when your cashflow is still negative. Getting out of this smothering situation means maturing and facing life head on.

Everyone Expectations of You Start to Skyrocket

Along with all these new factors clouding your judgement, another bombs starts dropping on your shoulders. Everyone that supported you until right now rises their expectation of you to get results.

Realise that Everybody is Fighting their Own Battle

Everyone is fighting for a share of the market. After becoming a new graduate, you are only a tiny fish in this big ocean of competition.

Be Grateful for Having the Privilege of Graduation

One thing that can ease your despair is having gratitude. Realise that you finished a critical stage that many others fail to complete. Imagine if you failed college and had to repay tuition working low wage jobs until your thirties?

Your scenario does not look that bad now, does it?

The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

Realise that everyone has their struggles, and I really mean everyone. The rich, poor., lottery winners and homeless people. Just strive to solve your current problems and focus on today. Living with the weight of the whole future on your shoulders is a recipe for getting stuck in a rut.

You Are to Focused on the Negatives of Being a New Graduate

It is time to stop focusing on the negatives of your new life outside school. Remember that now you have access to a whole world of possibilities. Stuff like finding a job with a six figure income is possible, buying your house is possible, developing a strong respectable carreer is possible.

Stop Viewing Your Graduation as an Ending

Every ending is the start of a new beginning. It is time to stop living in the past and focus on your next immediate goal, wheter that is paying all tuition debt, buying a house or getting a better job.

We Are Teleological Beings

There is a simple reason you might be sad right now. Now that graduation is over, there is nothing else that you can clearly see as a challenge for you. There is no horizon to look forward to. There is where the power of vision comes into play, for you to look for the future in a positive way, there needs to be something that is worth pursuing. Goals are the instrument of which you can construct that vision.

Too Many Worries After Graduating

Graduation comes with many worries, many what ifs. You need to get deep and ask yourself what is causing so much internal pain that it makes impossible for you to live the day fully.

Will I Get a Good Job After Graduating?

This is one of the biggest worries that new graduates face. Getting a job in this competitive market is an ever increasing challenge. There are no shortcuts here, if you have a good resume, obviously your chances are going to be higher. Remember that it does not matter where you are now, you need to work with what you have. If you need to work 10 times harder than another person to get a similar job, then do it. After you hold a job in an important position for long enough, it will be in your resume forever and that is what companies are going to care about.

The Worry of Losing Precious Friendships After Graduation

I have built many great friendships in college, it is only natural, as you have to work as a team to handle multiple assignments. There are also the struggles that you faced together, helping each other with a subject and many other things.

You have to stop sweating this, remember that what will change your destiny is choices. Sometimes that friend does not live nearby or will no longer share a common activity with you. That will absolutely impair your relationship until the point you stop becoming great friends. Accept that and move forward.

Realise that the Past is Closed to You Now After Graduation

Sadly, we cannot alter our past choices. Working with what we have and carving the best out of today is the only skill that will make your future a better place.

You Will Always Think the Past Was Better if You Do Not Have Hopes for the Future

People have a tendency to look at the past with nostalgia, making it seem less worse than it really was. When we contrast our smoothed past with reality, it makes us want to go back there.

But this is no way to lead a successful life. The ones who makes it are those who are future oriented. Remember that we are creatures of goals.

A World of Possibilities is Now Open to You

This is the truth. You have just been released from academic responsabilities. The world is your playground now, you have the freedom to work for multiple companies, get to know new people and live life with your own resources.

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