Why My Friend Doesn’t Text Me?

Gauge Your Friend Response Rate

How often you get in touch with each other can often determine the quality of that relationship. Sometimes we feel that we might be behaving in a needy way, and you can be right.

Stop Messaging Your Friend for Sometime

Go no contact unless absolutely needed. If your friend does not reach to you, that is a bad sign. In most cases, when a friend stop messaging you completely for too long, it might mean that they are trying to cut ties with you.

Get in Your Friend Messaging Rhythm

Start being mindful of the messaging rhythm of your partner. Usually, to solve this issue successfully, the only appropriate course of action is to adjust our response rate accordingly.

Also, check the speed at which they answer back. If a friend responds slowly, then they might be busy.

Never get angry or invent a bad story about it on your head, if you are truly upset with how they are behaving towards you, reach out to them.

You Do Not Necessarily Lose a Friend if There is Little Messaging

There is a considerable difference between friends and colleagues. You do not necessarily lose a friend when you lose contact with him.

I am not saying that losing contact with precious friends is a good thing, but if you are overthinking things too much, you might get resentful and end up destroying the friendship altogether.

A Lot of Times Life Gets in the Way

Life is complicated there is too much to care about?

  • Work related problems;
  • Chores in the day-to-day life;
  • Romantic relationships;
  • Health issues;
  • Spiritual life;
  • Finances management;
  • Taking care of your fitness level;

There are core topics in our lives that cannot be neglected, sometimes I find myself guilty of this one. So many things require a piece of my attention that I sometimes end up neglecting family and friends. Of course I don’t drag this for a long time. Eventually I reach out to them but it takes time.

You Know Deep Down What is True Friendship

Everyone likes to convey an image of being equal in a relationship, but I strongly disagree. Look at any time of social bond:

  • Bosses and employees
  • Romantic relationships
  • Friendships

They all have one trait in common, there is a dominant party, each one of them. There is one person that will always hold more power over the other. The one who wins the power struggle is actually the individual who cares less.

If Your Friends Want to Stay in Touch You Will Know

I hold a firm belief on determining what is a priority in my life. After I settle on what needs to be done, I fiercely defend my time to get those specific things done.

We Are All Busy in One Way or Another

Everyone is busy with countless obligations. Sometimes we just slip from that friend’s radar. As you get older, you will realize that you only occupy a tiny fraction of a person’s life. The number of people that deeply care about you shrinks, while the few ones that remain strengthen their bonds.

Those that Truly Want Something Will Find a Way

We are all quite busy, but how much time do you really need to get in touch with a friend?

If they are really important to you, then you will surely send them a message once in a while, no matter what happens.

Well, if they do not, consider if you want to stay friends with someone who does not invest the same energy in the relationship as you.

Do Not Become the Needy Texting Buddy

Remember the power balance we discussed about?

Neediness is the pinnacle of being on the losing end of it. If you want respect in a relationship, quit demanding your friend’s attention all the time. If your friend starts to consider that you do not have a life of your own, they will lose respect.

Neediness Will Turn People Away

Neediness is a very unattractive trait to have, it does not matter what kind of relationship it is. When you quit taking care of your life, people will start noticing getting too needy might be a symptom of a purposeless life.

When your friend feels this disconnectedness from your part towards life, he might start pushing you away. I wouldn’t argue with him he just taking care of himself by preventing you from pulling him down.

There is a Chance that They Will See You as Inferior

As I already mentioned, neediness can be a symptom of an empty life. If you don’t have anything that is worth living for, you will seem weak to others. You need to start taking care of yourself first.

Learned to truly give, without wanting anything in return. That is the best genuine gift you can give to someone.

True Friendship?

Perhaps that person that you care about does not give a thought about you. Realize that most of the time we are not thinking about others. People are the center of their own universe.

Perhaps You Do Not Have a Friend

Sometimes that person can be really fun and engaging around you. but maybe they do not consider themselves your friend.

Perhaps you got the wrong idea. True friendship is something that we all experience at some point in life.

There are a couple points the must hit the spot things like

  • Caring about you;
  • Sharing common interests;
  • Respect;
  • Countless tiny details that matter in the long run;

Is Your Friend Texting Other People?

This is a good opportunity to measure her friend’s degree of investment towards the relationship.

Why is he able to message other people while keeping you waiting?

I think it’s safe to say that nowadays everybody messages other people. if you are not on your friend’s list then maybe he wants some space.

Just do not act too hastily. Quit nagging him, simply let things be.

Accept Whatever Happens While Finding the Truth

The truth hurts…

But it is just like a Band-Aid. When you do it slowly it only hurts more. If you are reading this article, then maybe your friend might be neglecting you more than he should. If it got to that point, be ready to move on with life.

Be Prepared to Cut Ties

Sometimes there might be an issue that is not solvable between you. Maybe you two are just incompatible, and in the long run, staying friends would just make things harder for both of you.

Sadly, sometimes we need to be ready to cut ties with people we love. In my humble opinion, I think is best better to be friends with someone who puts the same energy in the relationship as you do.

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