Why should you have a cooking pot with wide base?

Why should you have a cooking pot with wide base?

More storage options

Because pots with larger wider base have great capacity due to their big area of surface at the bottom, it’s most common that they won’t need to be too tall, therefore they can fit many places where you have a low height storage.

Greater area of surface

A greater area of surface means you can sautée and grill more food at same time, without making food stick together in the cooking process, that is a must, because if meat, for example, don’t have enough space while cooking, it can can cause a liquid loss and risking that crust we all love.

How to choose a cooking pot with wide base?

Well because they are wide, we don’t recommend aluminum or copper as they are reactive with food and are high-maintenance, cast iron pots would be better as I’m assuming you’ll be making large batches of food on a wide large base cooking pot.

What should you cook on a wide base cooking pot?

There’s recipes that stands out on highlighting the qualities of those cooking pots.

Brazillian feijoada

If you have never tasted it, you are in for a treat, you must eat this dish, at least once, before you die. The beans juices, the juicy tender meats soaked in flavors of garlic, onions and green garnments, this pot is ideal as you will certainly need lost of space to cook it.

A meat, chicken, or sausage stroganoff

Another dish that has got to receive some love, although your heart won’t like it, I am pretty sure you will, this is incredibly tasty, if you do it right, each of those meats can bring a different color to your dish, also, with a wide larger base cooking pot, when you are grilling the meats there will be enough space for the crust to form and also keep the juices in.

Soup for the family

Who doesn’t want a delicious soup for the winter?

With this pot, you can make any soup from the 1000 of options available on the web, so go ahead and fill your heart with a heatwarming souphug.

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